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Information for educators or anyone wanting to teach

Getting started on what you need to know

Outstanding teachers develop a conceptual framework, subject knowledge, professional development strategies, ability to plan, and teach.

Professional development

Educational Theories

General Educational Theory:

The following can be used in an instructional plan to introduce, discuss, and develop a general educational philosophy and theory. Approximatly three sessions with individual development between sessions.

Theories Related to Learning and Human Development

Curriculum planning and development resources

Curriculum development must be guided by a comprehensive theory that identifies elements for a successtul school. Six elements for learning are identified by The learning first alliance in Phi Delta Kappan April 2018 :

  1. Focus on the total child.
  2. Commitment to equity and access.
  3. Family and community engagement.
  4. Distributed leadership.
  5. Strong, supportive teaching force and staff.
  6. Relationship oriented school climate.

Big picture resources for curriculum development

Resources and tools for planning, implementing, and developing curriculum

Notes and procedures for how to plan for teaching and learning

Instructional theories or models

General teaching theory or model to use with all models and strategies

The big three instructional models or theories

1. Inductive or indirect theories: Learning cycle is a good representative of this type of model:

2. Cooperative theory:

3. Directed theory:

Strategies to help students thinking and learning

Getting started with planning maps for teaching concepts

Assessment & evaluation

Cartoon testing animals

Assessment is embedded in planning and instruction so there will be some over lapping with the following links.

Science specific planning ...

Creation of concept map across grade levels (K-8) for magnetism, unpacking standards, connecting concepts to child's understanding and outcomes


Freedom Writers

Movie Image

... on the recommendation of my granddaughter, I saw Freedom Writers.

I was very glad I did. It is one of the best films I have seen. The film presents the struggles of teaching and the life of a teacher. The passion, desire, and commitment needed to determine and provide what students need for them to develop to the point of empowerment, as well as the persistence and determination to overcome barriers to provide it. While fear and hate are the major barriers depicted in this film, barriers of traditional schooling and public misconceptions of what it means to be educated and how to achieve it are just as great of barriers to be overcome for students to achieve a quality education. Find the time to see this film with a loved one. It has life long empowering possibilities.

The Freedom Writer's movie trailer

Freedom Writer's foundation & resources ...


Research based programs for improvement in:


Education in Madrawar, Afghanistan. 2006.

Late one February night, more than a dozen masked gun carrying Taliban burst into the 10-room girls' school in Nooria's village, Madrawar about 100 miles east of Kabul. They tied up and beat the night watchman, soaked the principal's office and the library with gasoline, set it on fire and escaped into the darkness.

The townspeople, who doused the blaze before it could spread, later found written messages from the gunmen promising to cut off the nose and ears of any teacher or student who dared to return.

The threats didn't work. Within days, most of the school's 650 pupils were back to their studies. Classes were held under a grove of trees in the courtyard for several weeks, despite the winter chill, until repairs inside the one-story structure were complete. Nearby schools replaced some of the library's books.

But the hate mail kept coming, with threats to shave the teacher's heads as well as mutilate their faces.

When, NEWSWEEK visited and talked to students and faculty on the last day of classes. Nooria, who dreams of becoming a teacher herself, expressed her determination to finish school.

"I'm not afraid of getting my nose and ears cut off," she said, all dressed up in a long purple dress and head scarf.

"I want to keep studying."
Newsweek June 26, 2006

Middle & High Schools
Starting time:

The American Academy of Pediatrics & Centers for Disease Control recommend classes should start at 8:30 a.m. of later.


Albert Einstein said,

"It is a grave error to suppose that the joy of seeing and seeking can be furthered by compulsion or sense of duty."