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Guide for Teaching Evolution

Source - Project 2061 AAAS
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* Lola Way K-8 science curriculum 1947 historical document

Science Trivia

What mass would a gram of Iron have if it were completely rusted?

In what motion picture did the train engineer ask. "Is this a hold up?" and was answered with: "No, It's a science experiment."

News Briefs

Giving blood or being a fan? 2009 - Milwaukee, WI

Eighty year old Jim Becker's road to becoming the 12th member of the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame started in 1952. Married with 11 children he didn't feel his family could spare the money for Packer tickets so when he found a pint of blood sold for fifteen dollars, he decided to give blood four times a year and use the money to buy tickets for all home games. In 1970 Jim was diagnosed with hemochromatosis - a blood disorder that results in a large amount of iron in the bloodstream. The treatment is to frequently donate blood. Doctors told Jim his blood donations were a stroke of genius that probably saved his life. Jim's father died as a result of hemochromatosis when he was only 43 years old. Makes one wonder if going to the games or becoming healthy urged Jim to give blood. Maybe both.

Newsweek July 31, 2006 - Jonathan Alter

July 19, 2006 - President Bush casts his first VETO on a bill that would allow surplus embryos from fertility clinics to be used for pathbreaking research instead of being tossed out in the garbage. If using embryos for medical research is "murder" (Bush's position), then how can he support the existence of fertility clinics? -

Jeffrey Weld

Why is it that whenever students don't do well on a test or on particular items on a test that national news agencies that report the questions (NPR for one) not only give the questions, but feel it is necessary to provide the answers. If their listeners need the answer, why should we expect students to be able to answer it correctly?

Newsweek October 25, 2004. p 66

President Bush's Council on Bioethics objected to - "computer-brain hookups that would enable us to download the Oxford English Dictionary."

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Trivia answers: 3 grams, Back to the Future

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