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Resources for a middle level health program

Health concepts, standards, and outcomes

Activities for teaching and learning how to be healthy

  1. Health inventory, Pulse chart, Heart rate exercise record, & Food habits survey
  2. Introducton to health, affects on health, risks, & promoting wellness worksheets and word bank Review for health traits and Decision making
  3. Mental & emotional health activity worksheets, word bank & key ideas
    Two week goal setting activity, What is your characters of mental health activity, Who am I activity to create a personal shield or coat of arms to describe you, Affects on health, risks and promoting health and wellness, CrossWord puzzle for mental and emotional health vocabulary, Create a plan for a healthy mental and emotional life activity.
    Support materials Procedures to recognize and manage feelings & emotions: fear, guilt, anger, stress. Stressors for Teens, Stress, Chronic stress, Ways to Manage and Reduce stress, Stress & Immunity, Stress & Exercise, Caffeine & hormones, Coping with loss & grief, Five Stages of grief, Dealing with Anxiety & Depression, Suicide Prevention, & Getting Help

    Mental & emotional health review worksheets
  4. Social health relationships - Activity worksheets, word bank & key ideas for Healthy relationships Respecting yourself & others, Communicating Family relationships, Peer relationships, & Suggestion for managing jealousy & envy, & Assertive behavior
  5. Lesson plan for a historical investigation of the discovery of vitamins with a science inquiry focus and information on vitamin A ,vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin C, & vitamin D.
  6. Decision making historical scenarios & role play ideas - Introduction; six leaders & their historic decisions; classroom decision making role play; case studies to discuss alcoholism; causes of accidents: car, home, & work to use for decision making scenarios; decisions dilemmas as discussion topics or to role play; beliefs and ideas to question, discussion, & role play. & ideas for social, political, and moral issue discussions.
  7. Decision making lesson plan with classroom and home scenarios (2-3 class periods)
  8. Reaction times, practice, & learning activities and work sheets
  9. Nutrition, diet, and exercise activity worksheets, word bank, and key ideas
    See also Support information for nutrition and investigations into nutrients (protein, carbs, & fats), vitamins, minerals, & database with functions and sources for all of them. Includes lab type Investigation suggestions for: calcium & bone investigation, starch investigations, milk investigation of proteins casein and whey, protein testing, mineral tests, fat tests, eggs and protein investigation, acid in food investigation, sugar in food investigation, energy in food, calorimeter
    Nutrition review worksheets
  10. Human anatomy: systems and organs activities with data sheets and human hody systems activity rubric and scoring guide. See also human anatomy vocabulary and question data base and human anatomy concepts in health misconceptions and concepts. See also anatomy glossary
  11. Medicine and drug use and making healthy decisions unit
  12. Physical fitness planning
  13. Environmental health unit
  14. Simulation of diagnosis for jaundice

Additonal Resources



Disabilities and Health

    • CDC Quests on Disabilities and Health: Discover how kids with disabilities get around? Did you know that downhill skiers with only one leg have been clocked at 74 mph? Explore this site to find out how physically a person with disabilities can be. Find links to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, hearing loss, mobility impairment, tourette syndrmone (TS), vision impairment, athlete biographies, paralympic games, and more.
  • Drug and alcohol - Common Sense Media site page with information about smoking marketing, vaping videos, interactive alcohol ads, and popular shows that glorify drug use, it's tougher than ever to limit kids' exposure to alcohol, drugs, and smoking in the media. This articles, advice, and videos will help you discover appropriate ideas in five different age groups, find out how kids are influenced, and learn how to prevent kids from starting harmful habits.

Ethics, democracy, character

Nutrition and Physical Activity Fitness & Health Resources

    • Bag the junk web site nutrition to reduce junk food.
    • CDC site with: Information on disease: graphic nove, database, activities... Recipes for good nutrition; Physical activity set up your own fitness calendar, access activity cards for activities from ballet to yoga; Advice for safety, yourlife, and your body. You can even take a quiz that will help you find out which activities will best suit your personality.
    • Choose My Plate developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to improve nutrition and well-being of Americans. Learn food facts and ways to create a healthy diet. Has a super tracker to look up nutritional information, track your food, and physical activity. the Mix Eat Smart & Ex Replaces the Food Pyramid.
    • Circuls Fit: Regiser for access to lesson plans with videos to set fitness goals, tips for warm-ups, exercises, and healthy eating. Then pick your action, props, and time in the Crazy Clown College Challenge and activity challenges for jump rope, juggling...
    • Edible School Yard Organization: The Edible Schoolyard Network connects educators around the world to build and share a K-12 edible education curriculum. image
    • Fitness partner site includes activity calculators, a fitness library, resources on getting and staying active, nutrition, managing weight, BMI, how playlists can increase a workout, and fitness equipment.
    • Let's Move site: health, food & nutrition, physical activity, school garden checklist
    • National Education Association (NEA) Health information network educator's site - 47 different guides and resources to support educators
    • Orienteering organization combines map reading and decision making with a walk outdoors. Team events in the United States, Education link to find out how it's done and start a program or club at your school. See plans for teaching cartography and orienteering.
    • PBS Web site. Site isn't very organized. Need to search for different shows, includes: some clips (couldn't get them to stream, transcripts, tip sheets, and and where to order videos. Pricey. Maybe available through Local PBS, need to check it out. Great variety of diverse health issues beyond eating and exercise. Could be valuable source.
    • The President's Challenge, a program to encourage all Americans to make being active a part of their everyday lives. A .pdf file with information to motivate people to improve your health.superTracker Icon
    • Super Tracker web site to track what you eat.
    • The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic includes a comprehensive overview of common injuries. Click on the muscle area in the graphic or use the menu to find a description of symptoms. Then read the first-aid steps, view video clips, and find out when to see a medical provider or specialist for treatment

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Glenco Health resources



Not a single atom in your body was there when you were a child.


Hot lines for Teen help
source PBS


Resources for teens
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255) or
visit their Web site.


Resources on Zika


An Examination of the Presidents of the United States of America Alcohol Consumption