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1. Story Elements

Story elements section of literature describes and has resources to help develop understanding of them and how they are used in different genre as well as how their differences can contribute to the quality of a piece of literature.

2. Genre

Genre section of literature identifies and describes different genre, describes characteristics and different ways story elements are used in various genre, and other information related to facilitating literacy in those genre.

3. History - of Children's Literature

History section has historical time lines with significant events relevant to literature.

4. Book Lists

Lists of books, annotations, and recommendations. Lists include: Newbery, Caldecott, C. S. King, Awards, different genres, and by publication dates (with many annotations and recommendations in the publication dated lists.

5. Teacher Tools

Teacher tool section has information for professional development, curriculum development, definitions for literature, children's literature, media, information related to children's development of literacy with literature, benefits of literature, literacy and ELL and ESL, art, music, theater, and responces to literature, media, and literacy models.

6. Language Arts

Language Arts section links to information related to reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and visualization.



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