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Directory for Science Concepts, Misconceptions, and
their Development and educator notes

Habits of Mind, Attitudes, Values, and Dispositions for positive

Science Practice and Processes

Science as practice of inquiry - asking questions to seek explanations and solutions

Inquiry and process skills used in the practice of science investigation

All processes in one document

Cross-cutting skills and unified processes in the science practice

Content Areas of Science

Physical Science

Life Science

Earth and Space Science

  • The Earth - Its materials and their uses, forces of change, systems, water and the Earth's surface, fossils and biogeology; human activity, resources, hazards, impacts, climate change
  • Earth's Atmosphere - Weather, Water Cycle, Seasons and climates, human impact
  • Earth's History - properties of Earth, its evolution, plate tectonics, its place in the universe
  • Space and astronomy - the Earth beyond its atmosphere, stars
  • Solar -

Perspectives of Science

Engineering & Technology

Personal and Social

History of Science

Nature of Science

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Page Overview

  • Habits of mind, dispositions, values, & attitudes for science
  • Science Practice of Inquiry for Explanation
  • Inquiry skills used in the practice of science investigation
  • Cross cutting skills & unified processes in science practice
  • Physical science
  • Life science
  • Earth & space science
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Personal & social
  • History of science
  • Nature of science