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Science Concepts, Misconceptions, and their Development

Habits of Mind, Attitudes, Values, and Dispositions for good science

Inquiry Practices and Processes

Practice, inquiry, investigation ...

Science process skills used in science practices

Cross-cutting skills or unified processes in science practices

Content Areas of Science

Physical Science

Life Science

  • Organisms (Bacteria, Eukaryota (plants, animals (human anatomy), fungi,), Archaea)

    • Structure & Function (Behavior, Adaptation, Diversity, Disease
    • Growth & Development (Reproduction, Life cycles,
    • Organization of Matter & Energy flow (
    • Information Processing (Interactions, Adaptation, Relationships, Social Interactions and Group Behavior
    • Human organisms/anatomy - Human identity; Anatomy (structure) & basic functions of life, growth, & development; Health & safety, disease physical, mental/emotional, distress and treatment
    • Humans and Animals compared ...

    Ecosystems (Populations, Environmental factors, Environments,

    • Interdependent Relationships in their Environment & Ecosystems
    • Matter & Energy Flow, Transfer & Cycles
    • Dynamics, Functions, & Resilience
    • Social Interations & Group Behavior ( Interdependent Functions Relationships & Resilience


    • Inheritance of Traits
    • Variation of Traits


    • Evidence of Common Ancestry (Unity) & Diversity
    • Natural Selection
    • Adaptations
    • Biodiversity and Humans

Earth and Space Science

  • The Earth - Its materials and their uses, forces of change, systems, water and the Earth's surface, fossils and biogeology; human activity, resources, hazards, impacts, climate change
  • Earth's Atmosphere - Atmosphere, Water Cycle, Weather, season, & climates
  • Earth's History - properties of Earth, its evolution, plate tectonics, its place in the universe
  • Space and astronomy - the Earth beyond its atmosphere, stars
  • Solar -

Perspectives of Science

Engineering & Technology

Personal and Social

History of Science

Nature of Science

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Four Science dimensions

  1. Habits of mind, attitudes, values, & dispositions for good science
  2. Science Practice & Processes
    • Science Inquiry skills used in the practice of science investigation
    • Process skills
    • Cross cutting skills or unified processes in science practice
  3. Content
  4. Perspectives of science
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Personal & social
    • History of science
    • Nature of science


Space walk

Bruce McCandless unteathered space walk. 2/12/1984.