Dance as a literature genre



Dance is an emotional expression, an affective extension of the heart. Types include: ballet, waltz, tango, swing, modern ...

Elements of Dance


Native American drum dances

Videos with dances to view, critique, and perform.


After the Rain choreography by Christopher Wheeldon - Performed by Victoria Jaiani, Temur Suluashvili at the gala concert for marking the 90th anniversary of Vera Tsignadze on January 31, 2015.


Sequence of Introduction of Creative Movement and Dance Elements across grade levels

Element Kindergarten 1-2 3-4 5-6
  • Recognize fast and slow movements
  • March and clap to a beat
  • Recognize fast and slow movements with music
  • Recognize adagio as slow, sustained movements.
  • Recognize allegro as light brisk movements
  • Move arms and legs to change direction, make patterns, and identify low, middle, and high space
  • Perform a pivot, brush, chasse, and demi-plie to interpret space.
  • Make movements by sliding, skipping, running, hopping, jumping, to express feeling
  • Perform movements in time with music to express feeling.
  • Perform a leap.
  • Perform movements to express differences in energy.



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