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Poetry - Tool Box

Poetry is literature with rhythm and verse. It includes nursery rhymes, ballads, epics, songs, poems, and lyrics

Instructional ideas

A fairly easy instructional strategy to use with a poem is to read a poem and ask students to answer four questions, individually, in a group, or as a class:

  1. What do you think the poet was trying to share by writing the poem?
  2. What emotions are felt when the poem is read?
  3. What are three key words, phrases, or ideas in the poem. Be ready to explain why you believe your choices are key.
  4. Use your three words, phrases, or ideas to write a summary about the poem.

Poem Samples

Choral reading samples

Early writing in America 900 BCE

Maybe first American poem... It is thought to be a poem as the images repeat in a pattern similar to the pattern of Mesoamerican poetic couplets. Scientific American July 2015

stone text

diagram of symbols



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes