Welcome to an Anxiety Check for Science

Would you say...

I am very comfortable talking about science and using it to better understand the world.


I could you use more confidence and understanding to use science to understand the world?

Like more confidence? or are you curious?

Read through these two surveys, but don't let the first one freak you out.

When you have had enough of the first survey, read the second survey.

If your ratings on the second survey were higher than the first, it is very likely you can decrease your anxiety for science and increase your confidence and positive attitude about it simply by thinking of science as - observation or learning from observation. Which if you have been following along know by now it is.

I Should Think of Science as Observation?

Yes, and I think you are already pretty good at making and using observations to understand the world. All you need to do is relate those experiences to what science is and science literacy, then you can become an outstanding science educator.

Isn't It More Complicated than that?

No. But that doesn't mean it doesn't take time or effort, but it is the place to start.

So get ready to increase your understanding and use of science based on observation - verifiable.

Hopefully you should feel better about your anxieties, so its time to go back and continue our investigation into science literacy.

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