Scenario for Role Play 25


Teacher role

Eliot is a sixteen-year-old tenth-grade student that walks around with a chip on his shoulder. He is of below-average ability academically and has been retained twice in his school career. While his parents seem concerned, they feel that Eliot will be like his father–"School is not his thing." Eliot has few friends and doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he just sits in class and does nothing and is extremely antisocial toward peers and teachers. You decide to talk to Eliot one more time.


Student role - Eliot

You are a sixteen-year-old tenth-grade student and believe no one understands you or cares about you. All they want you to do is learn a bunch of "unimportant stuff". You feel you are like your dad who never did well in school, dropped out, and is working at the plant. So you just sit in school and put up with it all.




Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior

and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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