Scenario for Role Play 24


Teacher role

You have always thought of Cindy is a very mature sixteen-year-old tenth-grade student. She is very intelligent and good grades come easily to her. She is the youngest child in the family and is still referred to as the baby. Lately when Cindy does not get her way at school, she gets passive-aggressive and uses obscenities. Her parents are very religious and would not condone such behavior. They feel that some mistake must have been made, since Cindy told them she hasn’t done anything wrong. Cindy has just had an incident and a few obscenities have slipped. You will talk to her.


Student role - Cindy

You are a sixteenth-year-old tenth-grade student that is very mature, intelligent, and get good grades without any work. You are the youngest in the family and referred to as "the baby". If you do not get your way at school, you can lower your head, pretend you are sorry, and mumble an obscenity. This really shocks or amuses the other students since your parents are very religious and do not believe in such behavior. In fact it works pretty well since most of the students, then think you are cool and cooperate with you. As for your parents you can’t understand why they are so square, they’re only words and besides your parents believe you are their good little girl and will believe what ever you say.




Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior

and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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