Math Problems

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Number value

Geometry and visual spatial problems

How Many Squares? --->>> teaching notes
Eight by Eight Square with 16 colored squares: How many patterns?
What are the angles and sides of a pattern block star?
Necklace Five Bead Style
Measuring the circumference of the Earth
Trapezoid area thirty-six

Five piece square puzzle
Area and perimeter worksheet
Tangrams puzzle and table

Patterns and algebra

Wages for Pet Care
How Big is Two Million $
Fractional Parts Puzzle
Bottle and cork
Problem from the internet with phone number
Eight by Eight Square with 16 colored squares: How many patterns?
Bodies and proportions
Card tricks
Bridge building problem
--->>> same problem more directed worksheet
Fibonaccii sequence
Odd plus odd makes? deomonstration three concrete, semi concrete, and symbolic

Reasoning and logic

Data analysis and probability

Three coins
Aces for Dinner
Win a Car Key Contest
Envelopes with Cash Contest
Sack lunches
One variable data analysis and graphs
---> M&M's, ping-pong ball race --->>> M&M's Activity by Lanette VonSeggerrn --->>> Color Percentages of M&Ms in the United States and Throughout the World Collected and created by: April Thede 2005
Stem and leaf plots
Capture recapture problem simulation
Capture recapture problem simulation -2
Bingo addition a possibility of different digits for sums
Bingo subtraction and possibility of different digits for differences
Six card draw two game - who has the better probability?
Flipping one coin, two, three, ... what are the possibilities?
Spinners and probability
Find your classes hang time and vertical jump statistics

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