Quick Photo Importing and editing Directions for Windows Player
Importing from digital camera, Open My pictures, Edit photos, Make a photo Album, View slideshow, and copy photos to a CD

Importing Pictures from a Digital Camera:

-Start the computer.  If the camera has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection, plug the camera into the computer.  See the camera instructions if needed.  Then turn on the camera. If the camera is not a plug and play, click “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Printers and Other Hardware”, and then “Scanners and Cameras.”  Under “Imaging Tasks,” click “Add an imaging device.”  A Camera Installation Wizard window will appear.  Click “Next.” Select the Manufacturer and Model from the lists by clicking on it.  Click “Have Disk.” Insert the disk that came with the camera into the computer.  Follow the instructions that appear.)

-The Camera Wizard will start and a window titled “Removable Disk (E:) will appear. Find “Copy picture to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard.”  If it is not highlighted in blue, click on it.  Then click “OK.”

-A screen will pop up that says, “Welcome to Scanner and Camera Wizard.”  Click “Next.”  Thumbnail prints of all the pictures on the camera will appear. Each picture will have a box at the top right with a green checkmark in it.  A green checkmark indicates pictures to be imported.  If there is a picture that is not desired, click on the box with the green checkmark.  This will remove the checkmark and stop the photo from being imported. To scroll through all of the thumbnail images, move the scroll bar at the right of the window up and down.  To deselect all photos from being imported select “Clear All” at the bottom right of the pictures.  This is useful if only a few photos on a camera need to be imported, deselect all the photos and reselect the few to be imported.  To import all pictures on the camera, click “Select All.” 

-Some pictures may need to be rotated.  Use the icons at the bottom left of the pictures. Select a picture by clicking on it. To rotate the picture clockwise, click on the icon with a purple and white triangle and a blue arrow pointing to the right.  To rotate the picture counter clockwise, click on the icon with the blue arrow pointing to the left.

-Click “Next” when all photos have been rotated as desired.

-Each picture imported is saved with a uniform identifying name and number which can be changed later if desired.  To create this identifying name, click in the box under “Type a name for this group of pictures” and type a name.  All the pictures with the same theme will be stored together.  Click on the blue drop down arrow below “Choose a place to save this group of pictures.” A list of options will appear, click on “My Pictures.” This will save the photos in a file with the identifying name.  If the pictures are to be sorted into photo albums, leave the default destination.  Pictures can then be moved to the desired photo albums after they are imported.

-To delete photos from the camera as they are imported, click in the box to the left of “Delete pictures from my device after copying them.”

-Click “Next.” 

-The pictures will begin importing.  The top green bar will show the progress on importing an individual picture, and the bottom green bar will show the number of the picture being imported. A thumbnail image of each photo will be shown as well.  To stop importing at any time, click “Cancel” in the bottom right of the screen.

-If a picture is being imported but is already on the computer, a window will appear asking if a copy of the photo should be imported to the computer.  Click “Yes” and windows will continue importing the picture so that it will be on the computer twice..  Click “No” and the image will not be imported again. 

-If Windows was set to delete the photos from the camera after they were imported, a screen will come up that says “Currently deleting.” A thumbnail photo as well as the name and number assigned to the photo being deleted will appear.  Do not worry; this is only deleting the pictures from the camera and not from the computer.

-After all the pictures have been imported; a window will come up with the option of publishing the pictures to a Web site, ordering pictures online, or nothing I’m finished working with these pictures.  To view the pictures, click on the circle to the right of the last option and click “Next.”

-Then click on the blue words below “To see your pictures on your computer or network, click the location below.”  This will open the My Pictures program and allow you to see your pictures.  

Open My Pictures:

-Click on “Start.” Then click on “My Pictures.” Each time a set of pictures is imported form a digital camera, a folder is created.  The folders will appear at this time.

Edit photos:

-In My Pictures, double click on a photo.  This will open it in Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album.

-To choose the amount that the photo is zoomed in, click on the “Zoom” button in the tool bar.  Then choose the desired percentage of zoom for the picture by clicking on that percentage. Or zoom in on a photo by clicking on the photo.

-Rotate the photo by clicking the “Rotate” button in the tool bar.  To choose which way the photo will be rotated, click on the arrow directly to the right of the “Rotate” button.  Then click on the desired direction to rotate the picture.  The picture will rotate in this direction when the “Rotate” button is clicked, until this setting is changed. 

-To fix the lighting in a picture if it is too dark or too light, click on “Quick Fix.”

-Fix red eye with one click by clicking the “Red Eye” button in the tool bar. This will cause the mouse arrow to become a circle.  Move the circle over a red eye in the photo and click.  This can be done as many times as necceasary to get the red eye out. 

-To remove the red eye using a brush, click “Red Eye Brush.”  This will make the mouse arrow appear to be a paint brush.  Click and drag an area over a red eye to change the red to black.  To make the brush size larger, click on the black arrow directly to the right of the “Red Eye” button.  Click on “Brush Width.”  Then click on the desired size of the brush, four being the largest.

-Crop an image by clicking the “Crop” button on the tool bar.  A box will appear on the photo.  Click on the box and a four-way arrow will appear.  To move the box, hold down the mouse button and drag the box to the desired location.  Then release the mouse button.  To expand the box, move the mouse to the edge to be expanded.  The mouse will turn into two arrows.  Click the mouse button and hold it down.  Drag the box to the desired size and realease the mouse button.  To set the photo at a desired measurement click on the left most icon at the bottom of the box.  Then click on the desired measurements.  To cancel cropping click, “Cancel” at the bottom of the box.  To complete the cropping, click “OK” at the bottom of the box.

-Undo any edit, click on “Undo” in the upper left of the screen.

-Save the edited work by clicking “Save” in the toolbar.  To close the photo click “Close” in the toolbar.  To close Jasc Pain Shop Photo Album click the red box with and “X” in it at the top right.  The changes wil be saved for the photo in its location in the My Pictures program.

Make a Photo Album:

-Under “File and Folder Tasks” click on “Make a new folder.”  Type the name of the folder and press “Enter.”

-Right click on the new folder and then click on “Properties.”  Click the “Customize” tab.  Then click on the drop down arrow under “Use this folder type as a template” and click on “Photo Album.” Click “OK.”

-To add pictures to the photo album, click “Folders” in the task bar towards the top of the screen.  A list of folders will appear.

-Click on “My Pictures” and all the folders in My Pictures will appear.  Click on the desired folder and the pictures in that folder will appear.  Click on a picture to select it.  To choose several pictures in a row, click on the first picture.  Press and hold the “Shift” button down while clicking on the last photo.  To choose several pictures that are not in a row, hold down the “CTRL” button while clicking on the desired pictures. -Click on any selected photo and hold down the mouse button.  Drag the photo/s over the name of the desired photo album in the left column.  When the name of the photo album is highlighted in blue, release the mouse button.  This will add the photo/s to the photo album.

-To view the photos in the photo album, click on the name of the album in the left hand column. To close the folders menu, click on the “X” at the top of the Folders menu.

View as a Slideshow:

-Click on a folder to select it.  Then click “View as a slide show” in the left column.

-Adjustments can be made to the pictures while viewing the slideshow.  To go to the previous picture in the slideshow, press the left arrow, the “Page Up” button, or the up arrow.  To go to the next picture in the slideshow press the right arrow, the page down button, or the down arrow.  (Note: The pictures are not displayed in the slideshow in the same order as they are in the folder.) To rotate the picture 90 degrees clockwise press “CTRL” and “K.” To rotate the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise press “CTRL” and “L.” To pause the slideshow, press the “Spacebar.”  Press the “Spacebar” again to continue playing the slideshow.  To go to the next image in the folder press enter.  To turn the slidshow toolbar on or off press “TAB.”

- To close the slideshow press “Esc.”

Copy photos from the computer to a CD:

-Insert a blank CD into the computer.

-Select the folder or individual photo to be copied to the CD by clicking on it.  To select more than one folder or photo, hold down the “CTRL” button while clicking them. 

-Under “Picture Tasks” in the left column, click “Copy to CD” or “Copy all items to CD.” Do not copy more files to a CD than it will hold.  Standard CDs usually hold up to 650 MB.  High-capacity CDs hold up to 850 MB.

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