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Non commercial sites

Alfie Kohn imageAlfie Kohn web site:

edutopiaEdutopia - George Lucas Educational Foundation
link icon Nebraska Department of Education programs, activities, Standards ...
link icon Database of research and lesson plans ERIC Databases
ImageAnnenberg Institute for School Reform
at Brown University
link icon Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics
link icon National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Various references and store on line
link icon National Science Teachers Association
Various references and store on line
link icon Resources for science, mathematics, technology, and social sciences
Science for all Americans, Benchmarks, Blueprints, Evaluation of science and math textbooks
link icon Phi Delta Kappa International
The professional organization in education

Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education activism.

They publish magazines, books, and other resources to use in classrooms and elsewhere to promote equity and racial justice through grassroots efforts in schools and communities to enhance learning and well-being of children and to build a broad democratic movement for social and environmental justice.

Educating For American Democracy has resources to invest in strengthening history and civic learning, and to ensure that civic learning opportunities are delivered equitably throughout the country.
bannerThe Yale Center on Dyslexia and Creativity very good resources for teachers and others for dyslexia and creativity
link icon Mathematics and science instructional resources
link iicon Annenber/CPB Learner.org
Professional development programming for K-12 teachers
FREE through satellite channel and Video On Demand
link icon Read more than 3,000 books online FREE and more than 900 PDFs for sale
link icon Council of Chief State School Officers
Elect a teacher of the year.
Assessment and evaluation information
link icon Supreme court - court cases and other information in multimedia format
link icon The National Academies
link icon Publisher of Educational Leadership and other Resources
Land mark supreme court cases
Nebraska Studies . org Nebraska History Site
Commercial Sites:
link icon An educational internet village
Teacher's village with lesson plans, field trips, and much more
link icon Tools for teachers, lesson plans, ...
link icon Activities, games, links, and textbook support
link icon; Resources, chat and articles... Canter
Discovery Education: CrossWord Puzzle maker
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