Creating Questions and Hypotheses Rubric

Creating Questions and Hypotheses

Does’t form questions when encountering new information, ideas or experiences

Question are formed that are varied and broad.

Draws on experiences to form focused clarification or inquiry questions.

Can distinguish testable from non-testable questions; can refine testable questions.

Uses questions and knowledge to extend old or form new questions based on findings.

States hypothesis in the negative to eliminate variables, suggest data to be collected, and the variables to be controlled.

Considers previously collected data to generate an appropriate experiment for the hypothesis to be tested.


Hypothesis check list
Does it describe a relationship of how change in the independent variable changes the dependent variable?( If the height of an inclined plane is increased then the speed and momentum of an object going down it will also increase.)    

Could it be restated in the following may form? (Light may affect plant growth. If an object is dropped higher it may fall faster. )

Formalized hypothesis. Is it stated in the following form? (If plant growth is related to the amount of light shining on it, then more light will increase the plant's growth.)    
Is it tentative?    
Is it an if, then statement. (not all if, then statements are hypotheses)    
Is one idea related to another?    
Is it testable?    

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