General Self Assessment

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1. I observe, investigate, and record observations accurately.


I show concern for accuracy when using measuring tools.


I am able to raise questions that can lead to investigations.


I design ways to try out ideas when planning an investigation.


I am able to carry out investigations.

I express ideas clearly through writing, discussing, drawing, and graphing.            
2. Science Concepts            
I demonstrate an understanding of science concepts in written work.            
I show that understand science concepts during class discussions.            
I am willing to revise or change my explanations as I gain new knowledge.            
I am able to link factual knowledge to larger, more general            
ideas to get the "big picture."            

3. Scientific Attitudes

I ask questions and show curiosity about our studies.            
I demonstrate a willingness to collect and use evidence.            
I question my classmates’ experimental findings.            
I am willing to reconsider my ideas and methods of investigating.            
I demonstrate "stick-to-it-ness" (perseverance).            

4. Organization and Responsible Behavior

I maintain a neat and organized science notebook.            
I complete all my assignments and keep them together.            
I use my time will during the class period.            
My homework and projects are completed on time.            
I handle materials appropriately and safely.            

5. Cooperative Skills

I practice cooperative skills including listening, staying with group, discussing, sharing tasks, and encouraging others.            

1. Based on your completed chart describe what you do well in science.


2. Describe 1 or 2 ways that you would like to improve.


3. Set 1 or 2 goals for future work based on your answer to #2.


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