Pressure Interview Results


Students were asked to - Write a definition of pressure.


  • Pressure equals force
  • Pressure equals a force on an object
  • Pressure is the force when something is trying to escape
  • High pressure pushes and low pressure pulls
  • Pressure relates to gravitational force in earth’s atmosphere and there is a lack of pressure in space beyond the atmosphere
  • Pressure is a force greater than something it is against.
  • It is when one object is applying more force on another that doesn’t have as much force.
  • Pressure is the force an object puts on another object causing it to change
  • A force that is always acting against something
  • Pressure causes movement if one force is weaker than the other
  • Two forces could be equal
  • Pressure is a force that pushes or creates a block against something else.
  • Something that is confined in a very small space exerts pressure on the walls of the container and doesn’t let anything in.
  • Pressure is two opposite forces acting on each other that may be equal or unequal
  • Pressure is the amount of space air, water, or other dense materials takes up
  • Pressure is the amount of air (matter) that is pushing on an object
  • Force is the amount of force on a specific area or through matter.
  • Pressure is built up energy in an area without the opportunity for expansion
  • Pressure is the amount of resistance against something, the more resistance the more pressure
  • Pressure is when molecules in air are pressed together so tight they can not expand at all
  • Pressure is when there are two forces, an upward and downward, acting on an object
  • When an object is being pushed in a specific direction it is receiving pressure
  • Pressure is the amount of air in a contained area
  • Pressure is the movement of air or liquid from one area to another
  • Pressure is weight of air on an object
  • Pressure is the weight of something on an object.


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