What's a Plant? - Interview Results

Set - up

Either display the following container system or read the description of the system.

A clear glass jar contains some moist soil, a planted healthy green plant,and a sealed lid is place in a window where it receives sunlight and the temperature range is between 60 and 80 degrees.



Describe what you think will happen to the system, particularly the plant.

How long do you predict the plant will live?

Write a prediction for what you think will happen. Use relevant ideas from life and about plants to justify your prediction. If you are unsure of a prediction, your justification should say so, and tell what information you would need to make a better prediction. You should know that there is no single correct prediction.

Could also have the child list the properties of a plan or conditions for a plants survival.

Review the properties and have them mark ones they are sure of with a + and ones they are not sure of with a -.





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