Discrepant Activity for - Animal concept assessment

Preparation -

Find different pictures of animals at least one from each row and probably no more than six (depending on time and development of child).

  • Horse, pig, cow, monkey, lion, bear, deer
  • Person
  • Dolphin, whale, manatee
  • Ant, fly, cockroach, spider
  • Snake, earthworm,

Procedure -

Show either one picture at a time or all at once (depending on child) and ask:

  • Which do you consider to be an animal?
  • Ask - Why do you think that?
  • Ask - Can tell me your reasons?

Have the child summarize what the the properties of a plant are and either tell you or write them in a list.

Review the properties and have them mark ones they are sure with a + and ones they are not sure of with a -.






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