Philosophy, as a discipline, is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

When one talks about a philosophy, they usually are refering to a particular system of thought; theory, belief, or attitude; they or an organization has that they use as a guiding principle for their behaviors or actions.

Let's look at an example of such behavior or action based on a thought, theory, belief, attitude, or philosophy.

Donkey Fable & Philosophy

An old man takes a small boy on a trip.
The man hoists the boy onto a donkey
while he leads the animal on foot.

Soon they come upon a man,
who chides the boy for showing no respect to his elders,
so the boy dismounts the donkey and the old man climbs aboard.

Later they come upon a young women,
who chides the old man for riding while the child walks,
so the old man hoists the boy up along side him.

Next they come upon a women
who derides them both for placing such a burden upon a poor animal,
so they both get off and walk alongside the donkey.

Still later they come upon a philosopher,
who shakes his head in dismay
that anyone could be so stupid to walk
when they had a donkey to ride.

Nathaniel Lees Gage



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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