Survey of Attitudes Toward Children (SATC)

Source Irwin Hyman, 1997. School Discipline and School Violence: The Teacher Variance Approach

The following statements represent commonly held attitudes toward children and how to interact with them. There are no right or wrong answers. You will probably agree with some and disagree with others. Read each and indicate your agreement or disagreement by selecting a response that reflects your beliefs. When you are finished click "sumbit" for your score.

1. Physical punishment should not be allowed in the schools.

2. A child should never tell an adult that he or she is wrong.

3. Corporal punishment is just and necessary.

4. Children are not being allowed enough freedom today.

5. Corporal punishment is an effective deterrent to school
discipline problems.

6. Corporal punishment is absolutely never justified.

7. Children have no moral obligation to remain loyal to their
parents no matter what the circumstances.

8. Someone in the schools should be given the opportunity to
punish children by paddling.

9. Training in adherence to the authority of teachers hinders
the development of self-reliance in children.

10. You can't change human nature.

11. Scaring a student, now and then, by promise of a whipping
is likely to have negative emotional consequences.

12. Loyalty on the part of children to their parents is something
that parents should earn.

13. Physical punishment should be used frequently as a method
of discipline.

14. Corporal punishment should be used frequently as a method
of discipline.

15. Children "owe" their parents a great deal.

16. Children are the constitutional equivalents of adults, and
this should be accorded the same rights.

17. If you spare the rod you will spoil the child.

18. Children in school have to earn their rights.

19. Because paddling and spanking students may have negative
consequences, we should discontinue the practice.

20. If a child acts mean, he or she needs punishment rather than

21. A young child's thoughts and ideas are his or her own

22. Corporal punishment is not necessary in a modern

23. Children should have the opportunity to evaluate the
educational materials they will be using in school.

24. Because corporal punishment has not eliminated school
disciplinary problems, society should abolish it.

25. Because teachers act in loco parentis (in place of parents),
they should be permitted to physically punish a student.

26. Children should be grateful to their parents.

27. When teachers hit students as punishment, they teach them
that "might makes right."





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