Illusions, Visualization, Memory, Learning, and Development

Which of the red lines is longer?


arrows image




Tables - Which table is longer?


tables sketch



Table illusion animation? Stare at the dots and see them move ...


dots image



Which person is smaller? Larger? Medium?


men at airport image




Is it up or down?


up or down board




Inside or outside? Are you looking at the inside or outside of the phamplet?


book cover image




How Much Haze?


hazi illustration




What is the average length of the lines?


Line length image




Which eyes are scarier?


eyes image


eyse image and chart




Snake slither - humans respond with a fight, flight, or freeze reaction to a snake in .005 seconds. They recognize it later, after the fact, at .05 maybe.



What do you recognize in the black and white image below?

image dots


An unconscious mind fills in the gaps.

See how your brain fills in the gaps when reading these two pieces - phony phonics & number reading




How many black dots?


image of squares




Skull or Lady?






Brain and memory

pennies image



Eye witness facts




priming chart





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