Jo Short and Jo Tall Puzzle

Solve the following problem and try to remember your thought processes as you think of different ideas to try as a solution.

The figure below is called Jo Short.
Jo Short is four jumbo paper clips tall.
Another figure - Jo Tall was measured using the same procedure and measured six jumbo paper clips tall.

Without using jumbo paper clips or measuring Jo Tall directly, use small paper clips to measure Jo Short (7 & 3/16 inches tall) and tell me how tall Jo Tall is in small paper clips.

Jo Short:


Measure Jo Short with small (#1) paper clips and
answer these questions:


  1. What is the height of Jo Short in small paper clips?

  2. What would you predict would be the height of Jo Tall in small paper clips?

  3. Explain how you solved the problem. (You may use diagrams, words, calculations, paper clips…)



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