Scoring guide for fish activity

Scoring guide forlife science, use of evidence, communication of scientific ideas, and use of classification


Unacceptable Progressing Acceptable Exemplary

Life science: Ability to identify the fish and describe them using vocabulary and phraseology used to describe living objects.

Doesn't include anything that is a distinct characteristic of fish or living objects. Includes vocabulary that refers to properties of fish. Includes vocabulary that is commonly used to describe characteristics of a group of fish and relates those differences to how they result in diffferent ways a fish interacts with the environment. Includes vocabulary that is commonly used to describe characteristics of two different groups of fish and uses those differences to describe how they create two different ways to interact with the environment.

Evidence: comprehensiveness and accuracy of observations used to justify their conclusion.

There is no reference to specific observable properties to substantiate any claims made. Specific observable properties are referenced with an attempt to justy a conclusion. However, some are inaccurate and there are insufficient to support their conclusion. Included observable properties that are necessary to support a conclusion. However, the conclusion is related to the question or there is insufficient evidence or reasoning to justify the conclusion. Includes observational evidence to describe differences in a systematic manner that include necessary and sufficient evidence to support the conclusion.

Communication: quality of description, comparison, ...

Explanation is questionable in what is being communicated. Appropriate vocabulary is not used or very limited and little explanation or no explantion is included. More a list of ideas. Seems to understand, but the vocabulary or structure of the explanation requires the reader to make inferences that might be inaccurate. Uses some appropriate vocabulary and structure to explain. Seems enough information is included, but communication of the information is questionable or incomplete. Uses appropriate specific vocabulary and wording structures that explain their reasoning without question.

Classification: classify by multiple characteristics...

Doesn't use ideas of classification in their explanation. Relies on one characteristic to support the reasoning for classification differences. Includes multiple characteristics that are not brought together to argue for their conclusion. Includes unique multiple characteristics in the description and reasoning for classification by multiple simultaneous differences.

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