Possible Questions for a Professional Educator Interview

Principle and interview commitee:

General questions for all teaching:

Principal, "Tell me how you believe children learn?"

Principal, "If I walk into your classroom what will I see?"

Principal, "Describe how teachers can use a theory on how children learn and incorporate it into their classroom instruction.

Principal, "Tell me how you will teach so children can learn?

Principal, "Tell me how do you motivate students?"

Principal, "How will you manage your classroom?"


Possible questions related to science

"What does science mean to you?"

"How important is it to teach science?"

"What do you think about the Science Standards?

"What do people need to know to be scientifically literate?"

"If you were to develop a science curriculum any way that you choose, what categories would you include?"

"If I walked into your classroom during a science class, what would I see?"

"What basic ideas would you use to guide you when teach science?"

"What does hands on mean to you?"

"What does inquiry science mean to you?"

"Many teachers don't plan a lot of time for teaching science. How much time do you think should spent on science and how will you schedule that time?"

"If a primary teaching colleague, in a faculty meeting, stated that s/he had enough to do to teach reading. That young children weren't ready to understand real science. Therefore, it would be far better to teach young students how to read so when they are older they will be able to read really good so when they are older and really ready to understand science, they will be ready to do so. How would you respond?"


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes