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Instructional Theory and Practice
EDU 652 W0
3 Credit hours
Fall 2012

Catalog description

EDU 652 Instructional Theory and Practice: This class is designed to acquaint students with the latest research related to instructional theory and, further, to created opportunities for teachers to try new instructional approaches. The course surveys systems that teachers may use to assess the pros and cons of various instructional approaches.

Required Texts

Book coverModels of Teaching. 8th edition: Bruce Joyce, Marsha Weil, & Emily Calhoun (2009). Pearson Education Inc. ISBN 0-205-59345-3 (978-0-205-59345-3)

Instructor - Dr. Robert Sweetland
Email -
Phone - 375-7374
Office - Brandenburg 123 B
Office Hours - Arrangement through Message in Sakai
Class Time - Online

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