Sample Science Objectives

Instructional Objectives for the cause of the seasons.

Incomplete Objectives:

Okay Objectives

Students will use a globe and flashlight to explore the relationship between the tilt of the Earth and the transfer of energy from the Sun to the Earth, create a model, and explain a cause of the seasons.

Better Objectives

Students will use a globe that is tilted twenty-two and one-half degrees to represent the Earth. Use a flashlight to represent the Sun and shine it on the globe to simulate different possible interactions. Observe how the light is more or less concentrated on different places of the globe as the globe rotates and revolves, and conclude how different amounts of solar energy transfer during the year could result in the seasonal differences.

Instructional Objectives for how weather data is collected

Incomplete Students will put weather observations on a calendar.


Students will put weather data on a calendar based on their observations on their way to school and what weather phenomena they know.

Students will act like a meteorologist, collect weather data by comparing their observation to pictures of various weather conditions, prepare a weather report, record the weather data on the daily weather chart before class, and give the weather report to the class as a part of the first grade morning show.

Students will use charts or weather instruments to collect cloud, wind, precipitation, and temperature observations from the classroom window, compare their observation to pictures of various weather conditions, report to the class their observation and record it in the proper category on the class calendar.

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