One Variable statistics


  1. Ping-Pong Ball Race
  2. Number of stars in a minute,
  3. How many M&M's of each color are in a package?

Procedure for One Variable Statistics Exploration

Collect data from a one variable experience: Examples to collect one variable data


Ping-Pong Ball Race

Time it takes to carry a ping-pong ball across the room in a teaspoon.


Number of stars in a minute

Time the number of stars a person can draw in one minute.


How many of each color of M&M's are in package?

Count the number of M&M's that each color in a package. (M&M's activity)


Examples of what to do with the data

  • Compare the totals from different groups.
  • Have everyone do the task again with their other hand and compare everyone’s right hand total against everyone’s’ left hand total.
  • Have students line up, on a number line, relative to their data point. Or Put the data in numerical order on a number line.
  • Have students put their initials on a sticky dot and place it (relative to their data point) on a grid to create a class graph for the information collected.
  • Have students determine the mean, median, and mode and explain how each relates to the rest of the data points.
  • Make a box and whisker plots or stem and leaf plots for the data and explain how each relates to the rest of the data points.




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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