The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins - sharing 12 cookies (1986)


Read the book and ask the students to list the different ways the cookies could have been shared.

The Doorbell Rang cover










Act out the Problem:

Use a tray and 12 objects (cookies). Put the 12 objects on a tray, read the book, ring a bell when you get to the doorbell ringing in the book and have a group of children equal to the number in the book move to the tray. Ask and record the number of cookies, the number of student,s and how many cookies each person would have. Continue through the book and record each step to solve the problem.

2 children, 12 cookies, makes 6 cookies for each child

4 children, 12 cookies, makes 3 cookies for each child




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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