Ms. Floodless's house

The map shows a river and a road. Ms. Floodless is told that if she builds a house that is 200 m or closer to the middle of the road and 300 m from the middle of the river; it would be far enough away to be out of a flood zone. She would like to build a house that is as close to the river as possible and as far away from the highway as possible. Determine and locate the place(s) where you would advise Ms. Floodless to build her house and explain why you believe those places are the best

Road and River Map

Road & river map





Use the scale to determine what scale to use for 200 m and 300 m. Use that scale and lightly draw lines to represent the relative distance from the river and road. Shade the area that meets both requirements.

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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