Lost at Sea?

On a dark and stormy night a radio operator heard a distress call from a ship captain that her ship was taking on water and needed assistance. However, the ship's location was given as five km from Jone's light and eight miles from Fisherman's light. The way the information was given caused the radio operator to question its authenticity. However, due to the seriousness of the possible situation a search and rescue operation was started.

  1. Your task is to mark the search area(s) on the map below.
  2. Mark the area(s) that you believe is/are the most likely position(s) of the ship.
  3. Provide an explanation for your position(s) choice.

Sea Coast map











Use the scale 1 cm = 1 km and determine how muc five km ... & eight km ..., is on the map.

Find and mark all the possibe locations where a ship could be five km from Jones’s lighthouse (compass).

Find the possible locations eight km from Fisher’s lighthouse.

Mark with an X at the point or points where the ship might be.

Decide the best location to send the search crew.


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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