How many squares?

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1. Select a person to get a puzzle sheet.
2. Get one puzzle sheet for the group.
3. Find all the squares you can.
4. Create a plan to show all squares.
5. Reach consensus on the number of squares and write it on your paper.
6. Your group will met criteria if you are within 2 squares of the correct answer.
7. Sign your name to indicate you understand the plan, agree with the number and can find all the squares.
8. Raise your hand when you're ready to be checked.
9. Remember, each person must be able to explain the plan and identify all the squares. One person will be chosen to demonstrate.

Time Limit: 15 minutes.

START time
STOP time



Forty square pattern



Computer resolution may make these appear as not squares, however, they are. There is not a rectangle in the bunch.





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