Regression and Med-fit lines

Date January, 2006
Class Algebra I - 9th grade
Teacher Alicia Klaassen

Finding a Regression and Med-fit lines using a Graphing Calculator
By: Alicia Klaassen

This activity was the first time with finding regressions lines after using a paper/pencil method.
What I Did:  I wanted to provide practice for the students to find regression lines in their graphing calculators.   I went over the steps (very tedious work) of how to do the problem in the calculator.  I did list the steps for the students, but we just went right to an example and by-passed the steps.  I did spend a significant amount of time showing the students where all of the buttons were that they may need to use for this activity.  We did a few examples as a class and then I had them work individually the rest of the period on the other problems.  I found out that if the students work in groups on calculator activities, they remember or do the steps on their own as well. 
What the Students Learned: The students had a good grasp on how to use the linreg option in their calculators.  The students also began to learn about the correlation coefficient and what it means when finding a regression line.   
What I Would Change Next Time:  I think that this would be a good activity in following instructions.  I think that I would like to see what the students would get out of it by simply following the directions step by step. I will also be extending this activity for when we begin to discuss quadratic, cubic, and quartic regressions in another class.