Crossing the river problem

Date November. 30, 2005
Teacher Brian Disch reporting
Notes Crossing the river problem
Students worked on the “Crossing the River” worksheets.  They began the worksheet toward the middle of class in groups of three or four.  Then they had to finish the worksheet at home individually.  There was good discussion in the groups.  The students were able to recognize a pattern.  Most of the students drew a picture so they could understand and actually see each adult and child crossing the river.  This allowed them to keep track of how many adults and children actually crossed the river.  Only a few students could figure out a symbolic pattern, while the rest of the class used drawings and repetition to find a numerical answer.  If we presented this worksheet in a class again.  We decided we would let the students begin working on the worksheet individually instead of in groups at the beginning.  Then they could get together in groups and discuss their ideas and hopefully be able to solve the problem as a group.
Date Sept. 30, 2005
Class Algebra 2
Teacher Anna Thompson

Crossing the river problem
The students worked as partners to first find the pattern that would be used.  They soon starting working individually or with other people on the same or similar track as themselves.  Some students worked on the board some worked at their desks.  I had little to do with the beginning, but once they need to find the rule most could find the first one,  but with the extra challenge part most gave up, about 20% kept working with me until they found it.  The only thing I would change is  the amount of time, I only set one class period for this assignment and in the end I found I was helping them more then I wanted to so they would be complete.