Trigonometry:  Radian/Degree Conversion

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The following program when entered on a TI-82/TI-83 calculator will convert from radians to degrees.  Enter this program and run some test data to make sure it works correctly.

            PROGRAM : DEGREES
            : ClrHome
            : Disp “ENTER RADIANS”
            : Input R
            : R*180/p®D
            : Disp “DEGREES: “
            : Disp D

Try writing out the program which you would need to enter to convert from degrees to radians instead.  Write your code in the space below.  Enter this code into your calculator and then run some test data to be sure it works correctly.

Use the appropriate program on your calculator to do the following problems.  Set the mode of your calculator to round decimal answers to two places after the decimal.

            1.  Convert each of the following radian measures to degrees.
            a.  5                                                                                        a.  _________
                        b.  2.7                                                                         b.  _________
                        c.  5p                                                                          c.  _________
                        d.  3p/7                                                                       d.  _________
                        e.  -p/36                                                                      e.  _________

            2.  Convert each of the following degree measures to radians.
                        a.  125°                                                                          a.  _________
                        b.  234°                                                                          b.  _________
                        c.  180°                                                                          c.  _________
                        d.  -197°                                                                        d.  _________
                        e.  -437°                                                                        e.  _________


By Ray Weier