Picture this

Name: _____________________________

1. Start by making a dot plot of the box and triangle with the class.

Teacher’s Init:  ___________

2. Then sketch your picture on your graph paper that you want to plot on the calculator.  When you are done show your sketch to your teacher. Remember you are required to use all four quadrants.

Teacher’s Init: ____________

3. Now locate the key points that you will need to plot for your picture. Remember a minimum of 25 points is required.

Teacher’s Init: ____________

4. Now find your starting point and start putting the points into the lists in your calculator. Remember L1 is your x values and L2 is your y values.  When you are finished with entering the points the go to stat plot (2nd Y=) and graph your picture.

Teachers Init: ____________


Discussion Questions: (at least 2 sentences)

1. What was the easiest part of this project?



2. What was the hardest part of this project?



3. Did this project help enhance your understanding of plotting points. Yes  /  No