Pi Day Ideas


Flyer - announcement for pi day by Lanette VonSeggern

Sample agenda by Lanette VonSeggern

Jokes by Lanette VonSeggern

Web site links by Lanette VonSeggern

Circle Game by Lanette VonSeggern

Pi Day Photos by Lanette VonSeggern

Assorted problems by Becky Bruening

Assorted questions by Patti Bailey

Assorted projects by Patti Bailey

A parody of Don McLean's classic American ballad American Pie ->>> Mathematical Pi by Antoni "Ton" Chan. ->>> song ->>> lyrics ->>> video Stephen Toner.


Pi Day Information

Remember this is a celebration (FUN) of a mathematical concept!!!!

I try to use a variety of activities every year.  I am including the agenda I used last year.  This is really a small list of the activities that you could use to celebrate pi.  I always tell “laffy taffy” style jokes so I tell some pi day jokes also.  I have attached the pictures with comments of the students participating in the various activities.  One year I held the Archimedes contest – try to draw the perfect circle – I would recommend giving a size criterion – draw the circle the same size as the bottom of a coffee cup – but remember to only allow a certain number of attempts.  I have also had the students list all song titles with circle in the name.  Small prizes can be given to the winners. 

I allow the students to create Pi Day posters announcing the event and inviting the public.  Students who complete a pi day poster will receive extra credit points. 

Students who bring pies for pi day are allowed to eat first – even bringing an oatmeal crème pie (Little Debbies) will qualify – but most kids bring pies!  Last year we had 45 pies and about 80% of the students brought a pie in each classroom.  I invite the public to come to my classroom and eat pie with my students – they do not have to bring anything – just a chance to visit the school. 

Last week the seniors were discussing when to have their senior sneak trip.  During this discussion one student asked if March 14th would work – the frenzy of why not to have the sneak trip on pi day was a huge reward for me!