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Realistic Fiction

Stories that were passed on with oral tradition until they were written. There is no particular author. Some may take the form of myths, short stories, oral stories, parables, fables, tall tales

Modern Fantasy

Modern fantasy is one of the most popular genres and over the years has only gained in popularity. The Twilight series and the multitude of Vampire series that have recently been marketed is just one segment of this genre. One of the reasons for its popularity is the unique and creative devises that authors incorporate into these stories. What are they? Frank E. William identified attributes commonly found in modern fantasies. It is these attributes that make fantasy interesting and draws readers. Attributes that become part of the style and create a unique and creative tone. The attributes William identified are: Paradox. Attribute, Analogy, Discrepancy, Provocative questions, Examples of change, Example of habit, Organized random search, Skills of search, Tolerance for ambiguity, Intuitive expression, Adjustment to development, Study creative people and processes, Evaluate situations, Creative reading skill, Creative listening skill, Creative writing skill, and Visualization skill. The following pages illustrate these attributes.


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Historical Fiction


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