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Database of books for eductors, librarians, media experts, and others who want to create their own database or seek books to recommend to readers, which will encourage reading and literacy for all, paricularly to encourage non readers to become readers. Books included in these lists are books which I have noted over many years that some readers, across a large range of varing interests, have read and commented on enjoying. While I would encourage those who have interests related to each book's topic to read them, I would not select many of them as required reading or for a read aloud to a whole class. Those I would select from my five star list.

Books published 1980 to 1990
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
The Slug Who Thought He Was a Snail Penny Pollock 1980
Sam, a slug, is convinced by a snail that he is a snail without a house, so they begin a search for Sam's lost shell.
picture book being yourself
Once I Was a Plum Tree Johanna Hurwitz 1980
Gerry's (10) family name was Pflaumenbaum. Which means plum tree in German.Now, it's jusy plain Flam, which means nothing. Gerry is growing up in the Bronx after the Second World War. We are assimilated. Gerry's father tells her. But Gerry struggles to belong to a particular community and to the world.
historical fiction Jewish
A Dog Called Kitty Bill Wallace 1980
Ricky (10) overcomes his fear of dogs and loss.
realistic fiction, fear of dogs, death of a pet
The masquerade S. R . Shreve 1980
Home alone Eleanor Schick 1980
Latchkey children
The hitchhikers P. Thompson 1980
Unwed mother
One More Thing, Dad Susan Thompson 1980
Introduces the numbers one through ten as Caleb collects various items to take on an outing.
picture book counting book sex roles
Only love S. D. Sallis 1980
Sleepwalker E. T. Ellis 1980
The New Boy is Blind William E. Thomas 1980
nonfiction physically handicapped- blind
Goodnight, dear monster! Terry Morris 1980
picture book wordless book
The turbulent term of Tyke Tiler Gene Kemp 1980
realistic fiction physically handicapped speech impediment
Instant parent Suzy Kalter 1980
Shadows On The Wall Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 1980

Break in the Sun Ashley, B. 1980
If You are A Hunter of Fossils Byrd Baylor 1980
poetry verse fossils science Nebraska
Bird at the Window Truss, J. 1980
abortion and pregnancy
Fables Arnold Lobel 1980
My friend Jacob Lucille Clifton 1980
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
Jacob Have I Loved Katherine Paterson 1980 Story about a girl that grows up on Rass Island in the Chesapeake Bay during the 1940 s. where families earn a living on the water is fading with each passing year. The story is told in the first person by Wheeze from the time she is 13. It is an incredibly powerful soul baring narrative of her feelings about herself, her sister, her mom, her dad, her grandmother, and several close inhabitants of the Island. As she grows up, ever the romantic, it seems she always wants what she can t have and the story captures her frustration and pain as she matures through adolescents and begins to realize she has more choices for what she chooses if she is willing to accept responsibility. An interesting story about human nature and a way of life that has faded away.
Rass Island - I love the Island although for much my life I did not think I did. It is pure sorrow that once my mother leaves there will be no Bradshaw there. Bradshaws lived here for more than 200 years

Wheeze -
Caroline - twin sister told gifted, went to mainland for music lessons, write a book.
Father wounded in war came back and her mother the school teacher fell in love. Younger fragile twin so mother spent time nursing her at hospital and neglected me...
I was oldest by minutes and the only minutes that I was ever the center of attention.
I had chicken pox and father referred to as old scar face and wondered why I burst into tears.
Father needed a son and I prayed I would turn into one...
Mother Susan
Pearl Harbor
summer 1941 McCall Purnell would board my skiff and go crabbing. I was 13 he was a year older. I had delusions of beauty and romance he was pudgy, spectacled and totally unsentimental. He didn t have any friends save me.
Hiram Wallace - Captain left for college, came back sailed in storm cut mast - fear lightening- laughed at. left returned... SPY check visit talk jokes.... Cal ... Wheeze afraid if loose her only friend Cal to him.
Wrote poem for contest
Win contest send a check for $25 and leave the rest to us. . Tore up threw in water.
Captain looses house.. stays with us.. Carline with me
Moves into old ladies house while in hospital, out back, where stay? Get married for convenience. Wheeze could never adjust to the fact they were married went to visit with others then couldn t do that... AUnt..ie Braxton Stroke fall break hip... Died
Grandma - nuts accused him of killing her with rat poison and Me of helping... Father sent us to our room.
Ran out of $ for Caroline s lesson, I had $50 hid and said nothing.
Cal dropped out of school and father took him on ...
I was jealous of Cal as he was entering the world of men that I would never be able to
Visit Captain sis and I wouldn t be proper for either to go alone, play poker and I was glad to beat her butt. Captain missed her singing and she missed her lessons.
Trudy left $ I couldn t use it. Music school in Baltimore and enough for Caroline to go...
Romans 9:13 Jacob I have loved, but Esau have I hated. --- Jacob asks for Esau s birth right and gets it. --- Mal. 1:3
Please don t mind too much Weeze it means so much to me.. She looks in Bible verse and shows me... God said.... OH so it isn t everyone else picking her over me, it is god.
Mom came to talk sense to me about sending me to school in Critchfield.... I wouldn t use my seneses and argued that if she left - after I told her to- then she didn t care and God didn t either.... She left..
Took over fatehr s crabs. after Call left.
Helped father crabbing and it was the happiest time of her life.
Mom teach since frozen in and couldn t leave. Captain helped with math (didn t want him to)
44 D day Hitler suicide, Call - letter, graduated by passing exam and got highest grade ever.
Caroline also - offer to Julliard not home for summer go to Peabody... Parents disappointed, but not me.
Hiroshima Grandma change from mom being scarlet women to argamendom end of the world
Cal come home.. The go see the captain together...
I asked Caroline to marry me... Go to school...
Grandma... tells her that she loved the captain he left she waited two years didn t come back and then she married her Grandpa.
Could we invite him to christmas dinner?
Talk about chopping down mast. OH it is so good to be old .. Youth is a mortal wound.
the are happy.
Captain tells Sara Louise you were never meant to be a women on this Island, A man perhaps. Never a woman.
You can do anything you want... If you just know what it is..
I want to be a doctor.
Mom and dad left and when came back they were happiest ever..
Grandma wouldn t quit....
Mother and daughter finally talk. Mom tells her she chose to be here.... Wheez - I willnever stay here and rot like grandma.
University of Maryland. nurse... PRE MED too many returning vers... can t catch move pots... went to Kentucky
nurse midwife.
Ended up in Truitt... clinic in middle of no where... Man asked where you come from U of Kentucy... NO PLACE HOME WHY HERE? Went out house call to tend one of 3 kinds.... look on face when held kids....I knew I would marry Joseph Wojtkiewicz. Told her she was born and raised for Truitt.
Has child when father dies.. Caroline goes she can t and mother goes to NY
Need to go back and read chapter 1
historical fiction relationships Chesapeake Bay
In my sister's eyes G. Posner 1980
realistic fiction abortion and pregnancy
The Gift-Giver Joyce Hansen 1980

Where the elfking sings J. Wolkoff 1980
Superfudge Judy Blume 1980
realistic fiction
Term Paper A. Rinaldi 1980
Far from home O. Sebestyen 1980
Mom's house, dad's house: making joint custody work Isolina Ricci 1980
A shadow like a leopard M. Levoy 1980
Through Grandpa's Eyes Patricia MacLachlan 1980
realistic fiction physically handicapped, blind
The Night Swimmers Betsy Byars 1980
realistic fiction single parent families
The Wuggie Norple Story Daniel Manus Pinkwater 1980
concept book relative size bigger smaller same mathematics
Just between us S. B. Pfeffer 1980
Gimme an H, Gimme an E, Gimme an L, Gimme a P F. Bonham 1980
Four days G. Goldenreich 1980
abortion and pregnancy
Truck Donald Crews 1980
picture book wordless book trucks vehicles
The gift of the sacred horse Paul Goble 1980
Native Americans
Try your hand Jane Thayer 1980
multiple meanings
Immigrant Kids Russell Freedman 1980
nonfiction picture book immigration
Tunnel Vision f. Arrick 1980
realistic fiction suicide
Arthur, For the Very First Time Patricia MacLachlan 1980
Solitaire Liu, A. 1980
anorexia Nervosa
The Sixteen Hand Horse Fred Gwynne 1980
picture book concept book multiple meanings, words
Nick Joins in Joe Lasker 1980
realistic fiction mainstreaming wheelchair
Sir Andrew Paula Winter 1980
wordless book
The Knight and the Dragon Tomie de Paola 1980
picture book conflict resolution friendship win win situations getting along problem solving
Button eye's orange Jan Wahl 1980
realistic ficton physically handicapped
The Butterfly Girls B. Elfman 1980
unwed mothers
Tough choices S. R. Mendonca 1980
Early disorder R. Joseph 1980
anorexia Nervosa
The Gray Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher Molly Bang 1980
picture book wordless book
Bring to a boil and separate H. Irwin 1980
family relationships
Pop's secret M. Townsend 1980
It's Not My Fault Franz Brandenburg 1980   realistic fiction sibling fighting, classroom management, relationships
People Peter Spier 1980 Spier begins with an explanation of the vast number of people on the Earth, that they come in all sizes and shapes, in many colors, even the different parts: ears, noses, lips, hair, and that they all began life as very small. He goes on to illustrate different clothes, customs of play, tastes, varieties of homes, pets, things people like doing, ways of communicating, celebrating, their foods, work, being rich, poor, powerful, weak, different social organizations, and that we all must die. The book has a reference book appearance that is well illustrated and colorful as well as a story running through it with a powerful theme of difference and diversity makes the world an exciting place that is consistently change which we are all a part of for a limited time.
Illustrations of people around the world. Celebrates diversity.
nonfiction multicultural people culture differences multicultural
Animals Should Definitely Not Act Like People Judi Barret 1980
picture book animals
Window Wishing Jeannette Caines 1980
A sister and brother spend a vacation with their fun and unconventional grandmother. picture book lack experience


Books published in 1981
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Darlene Greenfield, Eloise 1981
realistic fiction handicapping conditions
Johnny's in the Basement Louis Sachar 1981
realistic fiction
Handmade ABC: a Manual Alphabet Linda Bourke 1981
nonfiction physically handicapped finger spelling
Tiger Eyes J. S. Blume 1981
realistic fiction death
Lucretia the unbearable Marjorie W. Sharmat 1981

picture book hypochondria
Second star to the right D. Hautzig 1981
realistic fiction anorexia nervosa
Let's remember Corky P. D. Fine 1981
The Writing on the Walls Lynne Reid Banks 1981
family relationships
Three Days On A River In A Red Canoe Vera B. Williams 1981 A first person documentary with the author (who isn t identified), mom, aunt Rosie, and cousin Sam who buy a red canoe from a yard sale along with two paddles and life jackets. They buy provisions and head to the river. The book is illustrated with colored pencil sketches as if done by the author as a diary or travelogue or documentary of the trip. It is accompanied by a narrative of the trip. Illustrations include the scenery, drawings of the four characters during different times of the trip, illustration of their portage, how to tie a two half hitch, recipe for making stew and dumplings, how to pitch a tent, travel through different kinds of weather, illustration of 8 different kinds of fish, moose, ducks, geese, swans, their canoeing under bridges and into a lake, fishing, and of course back home to end their trip. An interesting book with great illustrations and information for young children the have been camping or are eager to go. picture book trips river canoe
Tales the Elders Told - Ojibway legends Basil H. Johnston 1981
Native Americans
Down By the River C. S. Adler 1981
child abuse
Herbie's troubles Carol Chapman 1981
realistic fiction bullies
Thump and Plunk Janice Udry 1981
Two sibling ducks, Thump and Plunk, can't resist thumping and plunking each other in this frolicking, tongue-twister story. picture pbook fighting
My Mom Travels A Lot Caroline F. Bauer 1981
Mother always comes home.
picture book sex roles
Let the Circle Be Unbroken Mildred Taylor 1981

Second novel in a series about the Logan family.
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
T.J. goes on trial for murder with an all-white jury.

Cassie realizes what it means to grow up black and powerless, but her family stand together, with courage, love and understanding against prejudices.
The Road to Memphis

historical fiction Mississippi southern America
The Voyage Begun N. B. Bond 1981
realistic fiction aging
The Silly Riddle Book Western Publishing Company 1981
Martin is our friend Eveline Hasler 1981
mentally handicapped
Secret lies S. Sargent 1981
Jim meets the thing Miriam Cohen 1981
realistic fiction fear
Hello ... wrong number M. Sachs 1981
Traffic, a Book of Opposites Maestro, Betsy and Guilio 1981
concept book opposites
The outsider C. L. Reece 1981
The Balancing Girl Berniece Rabe 1981
realistic fiction handicapping mainstreaming wheelchair
How I Put My Mother through College C. Gerson 1981
The Stupids Die Harry Allard 1981
realistic fiction being stupid
The Night after Christmas James Stevenson 1981
A teddy bear and a doll are tossed in the garbage after being replaced by new Christmas toys who are befriended by a stray dog.
picture book rejection
A handful of stars Girion, Barbara 1981
Chernowitz F. Arrick 1981
Lou in the Limelight K. E. Hunter 1981
Take Another Look Tana Hoban 1981
wordless book
Jump, Frog, Jump! Robert Kalan 1981
picture book frogs food chain humans and nature trapping
Now One Foot, Now the other Tomie de Paola 1981
realistic fiction elderly, family, relationships
Sleeping Ugly Jane Yolen 1981
Pretty is as pretty does
More than One Tana Hoban 1981
Fellowship of the Seven Stars N. Veglahn 1981
Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg 1981
picture book modern fantasy ggames
I'm Still Me Lifton, B.J. 1981
family relationships
Your First Garden Book Marc Brown 1981
nonfiction science gardening life science
This Child is Mine C. Strong 1981
unwed mother
Your family, my family Drescher 1981
search for identity
Friends Till the End T. Strasser 1981
Sunshine Jan Ormerod 1981
realistic fiction sex roles
Please Don't Kiss Me Now M. J. Gerber 1981
I HaveTtwo Families Doris Wild Helmering 1981
Patty describes her feelings about her parents' divorce and the new living arrangements .
realistic fiction divorce
Jenny and the Tennis Nut Janet Schulman 1981
A little girl, not ready for tennis, is good at gymnastics.
realistic fiction being what you want to be
Angie and Me Rebecca Castaldi Jones 1981
Jenna (12) is treated for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and comes to terms with her illness.
orthopedic impairments health problems
Jump Ship to Freedom James and Christopher Collier 1981
Young Daniel Arabus and his mother are slaves in the house of Captain Ivers of Stratford, Connecticut. By law they should be free, since Daniel's father fought with the Revolutionary army and earned enough in soldiers' notes to buy his family's freedom. But Daniel's father is dead, and Mrs. Ivers has taken the notes from his mother. When Daniel steals the notes back, Captain Ivers forces him aboard a ship bound for the West Indies. Can he jump ship in New York, and travel the long and dangerous road to freedom?
historical fiction
Nobody's Fault? Patricia Hermes 1981
Emily likes to play baseball and tease her brother, but her happy life is interrupted when her brother has a fatal accident.
Death of a brother
The Secret Everyone Knows Cathleen Brooks

Daddy and Ben together Miriam Stecher and Alice Kandell 1981
Ben and Daddy fend for themselves while Mommy is on a business trip.
picture book sex roles
The Summer Cat Howard Knotts 1981
A small boy realizes he can't keep a cat he loves, when it belongs to someone else.
picture book giving up something you love


Books published in 1982
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Bernard Bernard Waber 1982
Rather than take sides when his owners break up, a dog strikes out on his own to find a new home.
picture book divorce
Where Do I Belong?: A Kid's Guide to Stepfamilies Buff Bradley 1982
Child of the morning Corcoran, Barbara 1982
realistic fiction physically handicapped, Epilepsy
You Shouldn't Have to Say Goodbye Patricia Hermes 1982
Sarah (13) fears something is wrong before her mother is diagnosed with incurable cancer. Story of family coping with loss.
death of a family member father realistic fiction
Footfalls E. Harlan 1982
Miss Nelson is Back Harry Allard 1982
picture book school classroom management
Who Sank the Boat? Pamela Allen 1982
picture book science sink and float density
Sonya's Mommy Works Arlene Alda 1982
While Sonya's mother is working, she has to adjust to many situations.
fiction sex roles
So what? Miriam Cohen 1982
realistic fiction disappointments
The Animal, Vegetable, and John D. Jones Betsy Byars 1982
Clara and Deanie are thrilled about spending summer time with their father after their parents divorce. However, when they arrive he is living with a girl friend and her son. When tragedy happens they all get it together as a family. Typical Betsy Byars easy to read, interesting page turner.
remarriage stepfamilies
Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar Mitsumasa Anno 1982
Explores multiplication and factorials
factorials math mathematics
Won't know till I get there W. W. Myers 1982
The Rabbi's Girls Johanna Hurwitz 1982
Moving to a new town, the birth of a sister, and the death of her rabbi father make 1923 a bittersweet year for Carrie Levin (11).
historical fiction Jewish
The Happy Funeral Eve Bunting 1982
A Chinese-American girl pays tribute to her grandfather as she helps with the preparations for his funeral. Chinese-American
The king of the seventh grade Barbara Cohen 1982
Thirteen-year-old Vic hates Hebrew school and is not excited about his upcoming bar mitzvah, until he is told he can not be in either.
Animals Born Alive and Well Ruth Heller 1982
Animals, science
Friends Helme Heine 1982
realistic fiction friendship, relationships
Mama One, Mama Two Patricia MacLachlan 1982
A young child lives with a foster family until her own mother is well enough to care for her. children book foster children
Tough love Phyllis & David York 1982
substance abuse treatment
The pig-out blues J. Greenberg 1982
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! Manes, Stephen 1982 Milo Crinkley wanted to be perfect. A book in the library fell on his head. It was titled Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! by Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish.
First lesson, things are not always what they seem.
Day one broccoli ... nothing more to fear the rest of your life, no fear of embarrassment
Second don t eat ... proves you can do something if you want to. Will power.
Third do nothing... perfect is never doing anything wrong - which means never doing anything at all. Perfect is boring.
realistic fiction being perfect, fiting in, making mistakes, fear, embarrassment, self-help classroom management confidence
Promises Are for Keeping A. Rinaldi 1982
abortion and pregnancy
Harry is a Scaredy-Cat Byron Barton 1982
nonfictioni fear
Teaching with Eggs Alfred Devito 1982
nonfiction science eggs activities
Moonlight Jan Ormerod 1982
realistic fiction sex roles
Snow Isao Sasaki 1982
picture book wordless book concept book
Mud Puddle Robert Munsch 1982
picture book rumor keeping clean mud dirty clothes
Arabella and Mr. Crack Dick Gackenback 1982
realistic fiction frustration
First the egg L. Moeri 1982
responsibility, sex
The creepy thing Fernando Krahn 1982
picture book wordless
Just Us Women Jeannette Caines 1982
realistic fiction African American Black experience multicultural
Skinny-Bones Barbara Park 1982
realistic fiction
Dicey's Song Cynthia Voigt 1982 third person
Mother abandoned her because she is mentally ill, hospitalized, dies. Change for adjusting to new life, grief, friendships
realistic fiction elderly emotional mental illness Newbery award
Fox and his friends Edward Marshall 1982
realistic fiction little sisters/responsibility
Eight ate Marvin Terban 1982
concept book skills homophone pairs
Signs of a Friend Linda Bourke 1982
realistic fiction physically handicapped deaf
Captain Hook, that's me Ada B. Litchfield 1982
realistic fiction physically handicapped
The good giants and the bad Pukwudgies Jean Fritz 1982
Native Americans
The BFG Dahl, Roald 1982
modern fantasy giants
She's my sister: Having a retarded sister Jane Claypool Miner 1982
realistic fiction mental retardation
Happily ever after... almost J. Wolkoff 1982
The Indian in the Cupboard Lynne Reid Banks 1982
modern fantasy getting along prejudice violence Native Americans
A Chair For My Mother Vera B. Williams 1982
realistic fiction saving for something
Sweet Bells Jangled Out of Tune Robin Brancato 1982
realistic fiction elderly
Peter Spier's Rain Peter Spier 1982
wordless book
Have you seen this girl? S. Dodson 1982
child abuse
What's next Robert Wood 1982
patterned language predictions
Miss Rumphius Barbara Cooney 1982 Miss Rumphius cover

When Alice was a little girl she helped her grandfather paint the skies in his paintings, listened to his stories, and wanted to travel to faraway places. When she told her grandfather this he would say that is very well, but you must also make the world more beautiful.

When she grew people called her Miss Rumphius and she did travel the world. The story is about her travels and how she did achieve her grandfather's goal of making the world more beautiful, and then the they called her the Lupine Lady.

realistic fiction environment self growth seeds planting lupins beauty
Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother Oliver Jean Van Leeuwen 1982
Series with three levels. This book has four progeressive stories.
being little series
Anno's Britain Mitsumasa Anno 1982
picture book wordless book
Mitzi and the Terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex Barbara Williams 1982
Mitzi isn't sure she wants her mother to marry Walter whose younger son (3) thinks he is a dinosaur.
realistic fiction remarriage stepfamilies sequel
Clementina's Cactus Ezra Jack Keats 1982

Ezra's only wordless picture book.

Clementina and her father go for a walk in the desert where Clementina finds a lone cactus, all shriveled and prickly. She will discover something beautiful hiding inside that thick skin.

picture book sex roles
The Divorce Express Paula Danziger 1982
No one wants to ride The Divorce Express. Especially, Phoebe. It means she will leave her New York City apartment, and her boyfriend, every Sunday night to spend the week in the country with her dad. It means she has to start a new school, make new friends and watch her father go on dates. And neither place will feel like home. Then her mother has an announcement.
realistic fiction divorce
The Fall of Freddie the Leaf Leo Buscaglia 1982
Freddie, a leaf, grows and matures surrounded by his fellow leaves. He experiences Spring, Summer and Fall, with all of their beauty and majesty. When Winter comes, it is time for him to fall, to die. Eventually he is the last leaf on the tree, stubbornly clinging to life. But eventually he falls and sees the splendor of his tree home for the first time, and although he does not know continue in the circle of life.
picture book death


Books published in 1983
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Round Trip Ann Jonas 1983
picture book concept book read it forward and backward art visual black and white pattern
The Happy Dog Hideyuki Tanaka 1983
wordless book
Raising a Mother Isn't Easy Elisabeth McHugh 1983
A Korean orphan (11) is adopted by a single woman. Then she decides her new mother needs a husband.
Single parent families sequel
Harry's Visit Barbara Ann Parte 1983
Harry doesn't like visiting his Aunt Betty and Uncle Charlie. Strange food and play with their daughter Judy. However, things change when their older son Jonathan invites him to play with him and his friends.
picture book new situations
Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly 1983
realistic fiction divorce
Sunday's Child Mebs Gurdrun 1983
Ten-year-old Jenny's new foster mother dosen't live up to her expectations until Jenny discovers 
foster children
Thirteen Days of Halloween Carol Greene 1983
The Best Bad Thing Yoshiko Uchida 1983
Rinko is asked to spend a month helping Mrs. Hata, during her summer vacation. One disaster after another during until Rinko discovers things are not always as bad as they seem.
historical fiction Japanese-American
Marianna May and Nursery Tomie de Paola 1983
Young girl is told to keep her white dress clean. How can she be a kid? Ah! solution...
realistic fiction sex roles
My friend Leslie Maxine Rosenberg 1983
nonfiction physically handicapped multiple handicapped
What's Left? Judi Barrett 1983
patterned language predictions science concept book left right position
The Celery Stalks at Midnight James Howe 1983
modern fantasy
The Secret Annie Oakley M. Heidish 1983
realistic fiction child abuse
Above and Below Stairs John Goodall 1983

picture book wordless book concept book above below

Naya Nuki: Girl Who Ran Kenneth Thomasma 1983
Native American adventure freedom slavery
Mysteries & Marvels of the Animal World Karen Goaman & Heather Amery 1983
nonfiction science animals
Mighty Mizzling Mouse Friso Henstra 1983
Wordless book
One Day in the Desert Jean Craighead George 1983
picture book nonfiction science desert environment
Anna's Mysterious Multiplying Jar Anno & Anno 1983
picture book concept book mathematics multiplication
Katharine's Doll Elizabeth Winthrop 1983
Molly and Katharine are best friends, until the doll, Charlotte arrives. Oh! the ups and downs of friendships.
picture book friendship fighting
Just Go to Bed Mercer Mayer 1983
realistic fiction picture book
In The Woods Ermanno and Puricelli, Luigi Cristini 1983
picture book science woods environments
The Story of a Little Mouse Trapped in a Box Monique Felix 1983
picture book wordless book
It won't happen to me McGuire, P. 1983
Abortion and pregnancy
The One Hundred Thing about Caroline Lois Lowry 1983
realistic fiction single parent families
Hiawatha Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1983
Native Americans
Children of the Wild West Russell Freedman 1983
nonfiction frontier picture book
The Sign of the Beaver Elizabeth George Speare 1983 Outstanding historical fiction about a Matt (13) who travels with his father into the frontier to clear land, build a cabin, and begin to set up their family homestead. When the father determines that he can not wait any longer to fetch his wife and younger children he leaves Matt to await his return. While he is away his return will be delayed till the coming spring. Matt unaware of what lies ahead has a mishap with bees and is saved by Attean and his grandfather (Native Americans). Matt wants to give the boy his book Swiss Fmaily Robinson , but the grandfather has a better idea. He wants Matt to teach Attean to read. Neither of the boys are thrilled with the arrangement, but over the subsequent days that exend into the winter and spring the boys build a strong relationship where Attean teaches Matt Native American ways that become critical for his survival and Attean learns English and how to read. An accurate slice of history and a tribute to humanness that when individuals are involved in shared experiences they can overcome prejudices. historical fiction Native Americans prejudice multicultural
Mill David Macaulay 1983 Mill cover

Story and sketches that accurately and with detail describe the construction of historical artifacts.

nonfiction Europe building architecture structures
A Place To Come Back To N. Bond 1983
realistic fiction responsibility
T.H.U.M.B.B. T. Ernesto Bethancourt 1983
Story of how two friends arranged for The Hippest Underground Marching Band in Brooklyn to march in New York's Saint Patrick's Day parade.
Spanish American
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Bill Martin Jr. 1983 Brown Bear cover

Classic pattern book and many children s first book. I see a ... looking at me. See everyone knows this book.

concept book language patterns colors animals
Jamberry Bruce Degen 1983 Jamberry cover picture book poetry song rhyme
Up a Tree Ed Young 1983
picture book wordless book
The Bigger Book of Lydia M. Willey 1983
anorexia nervosa
The Game of Silence Louise Erdrich April 2005 Continuing story of Omakays, Little Frog, an Ojibwa from the first book in the series: The Birch Bark House (1999).
The series follows an Ojibwa family on an island in Lake Superior beginning in the summer of 1847. First book Grandmother s Pigeon, takes you through a year with all the seasons. Omakays is 8 winters old. Very good cultural and historical view.
Native American
Burning City Ariel Dorfman and Joaquin Dorfman May 2005 Simmering summer of 2001 in New York City. Heller is the youngest employee of a messenger delivery service that delivers bad news orally. He is the best deliverer of bad news and is allowed to deliver by bike instead of roller blades. He is drawn into a wildly diverse cast of characters and learns to relate to people in a whole new way.
Henny Penny Retold Jane Wattenberg 2000 Henny-Penny

Retell with very descriptive figurative language

picture book concept book The Sky is Falling rhyming alliteration figurative language
Plant Life Barbara Cork 1983
nonfiction science plants
The Witches Roald Dahl 1983
modern fantasy
A solitary blue Cynthia Voigt 1983
The Double Life of Pocahontas Jean Fritz 1983
historical fiction Native American Pocahontas
The Legend of the Bluebonnet Tomie De Paola 1983 The Legend of the Bluebonnet legend fiction folk tale Native Americans legend, folk tale
A Snake is Totally Tail Judi Barrett 1983
picture book concept bookrepetition of sounds
Anno's U. S. A. Mitsumasa Anno 1983
picture book wordless book
Peter Spier's Christmas Peter Spier 1983
picture book wordless book
Mysteries & Marvels of Plant Life Barbara Cork 1983
nonfiction science plants
Ten, Nine, Eight Molly Bang 1983
realistic fiction fathers daughters
The Story of Wounded Knee Conrad Stein 1983
historical fiction Native American multicultural prejudice
Stepdog Marlene Fanta Shyer 1983
When Terry's dad marries Marilyn, Marilyn's dog suffers from jealousy. picture book remarriage stepfamilies
Posy Charlotte Pomerantz 1983
Posy and her father reminisce about what she did as a little girl.
picture book sex roles
Angel Child, Dragon Child Michele Surat 1983
Ut from Vietnam is kind and sensitive as her classmates discover.
picture book Vietnamese American
Molly's Pilgrim Barbara Cohen 1983

Molly is a recent immigrant struggeling with her new life. As her first Thanksgiving approaches she helps her third-grade class discover that it takes all kinds of pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving.

Vide tape available

realistic fiction Jewish


Books published in 1984
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Risking Love Doris Orgel 1984
Dinah Moskowitz (18) uses therapy to confront her past relationships, especially those with her divorced parents and her boyfriend, to move on.
realistic fiction relationships divorce
Grace Liesel Moak Skorpen 1984
A cruel practical joke leads Sara, a lonely sixth grader, into a secret, sometimes difficult, but rewarding freindship with Grace, a proud old woman who is afraid her daughter will put her into a nursing home.
realistic fiction elderly
Going Home Nicholasa Mohr 1984

Sequel to Felita

Felita's going to Puerto Rico. Excited about the trip she finds it isn't at all what she expects. Her uncle's small village is boring, and none of the girls want to be friends with an outsider. By summer's end she has new friends and better understanding of her homeland.

realistic fiction Hispanic American
Anno's Flea Market Mitsumasa Anno 1984
picture book wordless book
In the year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Bette Lord 1984
realistic fiction Chinese-American multicultural
Here come the Purim players Barbara Cohen 1984
The joyful tale of Purim beautifully illustrated. Purim, (Hebrew: “Lots”) English Feast of Lots, is a joyous Jewish festival commemorating the survival of the Jews who, in the 5th century bce, were marked for death by their Persian rulers. The story comes from the biblical Book of Esther.
picture book Jewish
Ramona Forever Beverly Cleary 1984
realistic fiction latchkey children
Jim's dog Muffin Miriam Cohen 1984
realistic fiction death dog
Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird Jean Little 1984
Young Jeremy and Sarah learn to cope with their grief and drastically changed lifestyle during their father's battle with cancer, which forces their mother to sell their house and return to school full time.
realistic fiction death of a family member - father
Everett Anderson's Goodbye Lucille Clifton 1984
Story of a little boy who goes through the stages of grief after his father's death.
realistic fiction death of family member - father
A little love Virginia Hamilton 1984
Uphill All the Way L.. Hall 1984
Chicken and Egg Back, Christine & Olesen, Jens 1984

A better safe than sorry book Gorden, Sol & Judith 1984
Sexual assault prevention
Buffalo Woman Paul Goble 1984
Native Americans legend
One Day in the Alpine Tundra Jean Craighead George 1984
nonfiction science tundra environment
Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs Bernard Most 1984

Legend Days Jamake Highwater 1984
Native Americans
In One Day Parker 1984
101 Bug Jokes Eisenberg, Lisa & Hall, Katy 1984
jokes science
Soun Tetoken: Nez Perce Boy Kenneth Thomasma 1984
Native American Nez Perce
Geraldine's Blanket Holly Keller 1984 Getting smaller, whole to part
picture book concept book mathematics
Insect Life Dr. Jennifer Owen 1984
nonfiction insects science
The Moves Make the Man Bruce Brooks 1984
African American black experience multicultural
The Mixed-Up Chameleon Eric Carle 1984
spicture book science animals growing-up accepting yourself self-acceptance
The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear Don and Audrey Wood 1984 The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and Big Hungry Bear cover

Mouse is told that a big hungry bear will come and eat the big red strawberry.

Who is telling the story?

The mouse?

The author?

Where is the Bear?

Who is talking?

And why?

See Lesson plan

To solve the problem the narrator tells the little mouse to cut it in two and share it.

Problem solved.

picture book mouse bear sharing literary trick first third person narrator problem solving
The Free You Starts Here J. Waine 1984
In a Pickle Marvin Terban 1984
skills Idioms
I Think I Thought Marvin Terban 1984
skills Verbs
Centerline J. Sweene 1984
Hi, daddy, here I am Grete J. Hertz 1984
realistic fiction family rituals, relationships
On a Pale Horse Anthony P 1984
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Chris Van Allsburg 1984

Illustrator left one picture from fourteen books with the title and the first sentence or caption. Great illustrations and story starters. A fictional editor's note tells of an encounter with an author and illustrator named Harris Burdick, who provided the images and captions as samples, each from a different picture book he had written. He left with a promise to deliver the complete manuscripts if the editor chose to buy the books. Burdick was never seen again, and the samples are all that remain of his supposed books. Readers are challenged to imagine their own stories based on the images in the book.

story starters fantasy fiction picture book
Anastasia Krupnik Lois Lowry 1984
Anastasia's tenth year has some good things, like falling in love and really getting to know her grandmother, and some bad things, like finding her mother is pregnant.
realistic fiction sex roles
I Love Hanukkah Marilyn Hirsh 1984
A young boy describes his family's celebration of Hanukkah and what he likes about the holiday. picture book Jewish
My mommy makes money Joyce Mitchell 1984

picture books sex roles

Moo, Baa, La La La Sandra Boynton 1984 Moo, Baa, La La La cover

Picture book plays with sounds animals make and don't make. Animals include: cow, sheep, pigs,rhinoceroses, dogs, duck, horse

picture book board book animals animal sounds
A to Z Sandra Boynton 1984

A to Z coverAlphabet book with animals and different actions.

picture book board book animals alphabet book


Books published in 1985
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Hey Kid! Does She Love Me? H. Mazer 1985
unwed mother
Maggie Too Joan Lowry Nixon 1985
A defensive twelve-year-old comes to understand her father, a busy Hollywood director planning to remarry, after she is sent to her gradmothers in Houston for the summer .
realistic fiction remarriage stepfamilies
Women Who Love too Much R. Norwood 1985
nonfiction effects of abuse on the family
How I Saved the World on Purpose Susan Shreve 1985

latchkey children realistic fiction
Solomon The Rusty Nail William Steig 1985 Solomon was an ordinary rabbit except he could turn into a rusty nail when he scratched his nose and wiggled his toes. Then when he though I am a rabbit he would turn back. He kept it a secret and startled his family and friends. One day he was hunting butterflies for his colection when a cat captured him. He turned into a nail... the cat found out his secret... cage... pounded in house, ... fire... home happy... told ... promised never to turn into a nail again, unless...
picture book wishes
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Laura Joffe Numeroff 1985
picture book concept bookpattern book cycles pattern humor
Thomas' Snowsuit Robert Munsch 1985
picture book realistic fiction winter snow snowsuit humor
Wheels for Walking Sandra Richmond 1985
nonfiction physically handicapped
The People Could Fly Virginia Hamiliton 1985
legend African American Black experience multicultural
Stories to Solve George Shannon 1985
fiction folk tale riddle book riddles problems
Dogsong Gary Paulsen 1985
realistic fiction
Mustard Charlotte Graebner 1985

death of a pet
Dead Birds Singing Talbert, Marc 1985
Penetrating, agonizing novel about one boy's encounter with personal tragic car accident and how, ultimately, he learns to forgive.
death of a family member mother & sister
Hello, my name is scrambled eggs Jamie Gilson 1985
Harvey tries to help twelve-year-old Tuan who is new in his town.
Vietnamese American
An apartment's no place for a kid Elain Knox-Wagne 1985

latchkey children
Sarah, Plain and Tall Patricia MacLachlan 1985
realistic fiction frontier farming family marriage prairie
Eat Your Peas Louise Peggy Snow 1985

A very touchy subject T. Strasser 1985
Science & Nature Trivia Kathie B. Smith 1985

How Much is a Million David M. Schwartz 1985 Number value, money, 1,000,000
number value, money, 1,000,000, mathematics, million,
Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll Franklyn M. Branley 1985

Move Over, Wheelchairs Coming Through! Ron Roy 1985
nonfiction physically handicapped
The Remembering Box Eth Clifford 1985
realistic ficiton Jewish
It's an Aardvark- Eat- Turtle World P. Danziger 1985
The Paper Crane Molly Bang 1985

The Paper Crane cover

A man owns a restaurant on a busy road and makes a good living until a new road is built that diverts the traffic and nobody comes.

Days after a mysterious man arrives and says he doesn't have any money, but the owner makes a meal for him and he pays for his dinner by making a paper crane that magically comes alive and dances!

After he leaves word of the dancing crane spreads, and people come to see it and have a meal. The resaurant does well.

One day the man returns, plays his flute and flies away on the crane.

cranes modern fiction fantasy
Anna Banana and Me Lenore Blegvad 1985

Anna Banana and Me cover

Story of a how young girl, Anna Banana, teaches a boy how to dream and live above your fears.

A friend once told me this was a Bridge to Terabithia for young readers.

realistic fiction curiosity self esteem classroom management dream ability
Remembering the Good Times Richard Peck 1985
suicide death of a friend
Old Indian Legends Zitkala-Sa 1985

8 books by Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938) Online ebooks at this URL

  • Impressions of an Indian Childhood 1900
  • An Indian Teacher Among Indians 1900
  • The School Days of an Indian Girl 1900
  • Old Indian Legends 1901 - Online 14 legends
  • The Soft-Hearted Sioux 1901
  • The Trial Path October 1901
  • A Warrior's Daughter 1902
  • Why I Am a Pagan 1902
Native Americans
Ceremony of innocence Highwater, Jamake 1985
Native Americans
Ask me if I care Gilmour, R. 1985
Drug abuse
The Milk Makers Gail Gibbons 1985
nonfiction milk dairy
Walter D. Cook 1985
Rajesh Kaufman, Curt 1985
nonfiction physically handicapped
The Dark Side of the Tunnel Naylor, P. R. 1985
Abby, My Love H. Irwin 1985
realistic fiction child abuse
The Quilt Story Tony Johnston and Tomie dePaola 1985
picture book realistic fiction
Father Gander Nursery Rhymes Father Gander 1985 Father Gander coverTraditional Nursery rhymes written from a male point of view.
poetry equity gender roles sexual stereotypes, nursery Rhymes
Invention Book Steven Caney's 1985
Chicken Little Steven Kellogg 1985
picture book fairy tale relationships, telling the truth England
The Castle In The Attic Elizabeth Winthrop 1985 William (10) has grown up with Mrs. Phillips who has been more than just a housekeeper. However, she decides he is old enough to take care of himself and is returning to England. Before she goes she gives him a present of a castle that he soon learns is magical. An interesting combination of reality and fantasy that includes magic, wizardry, knights, castles, dragons and time travel in a great adventure story. William discovers the importance to plan, make decisions based on compassion (gentle heart or ethical reasoning) and the importance of focusing ones talents to solve problems. modern fantasy adventure gymnastics castle ethical reasoning growing up adventure
Easy as Pie; a Guessing Game of Sayings Marcia & Michael Folsom 1985
The Kids Book About Death and Dying
Cracker Jackson Betsy Byars 1985
realistic fiction
The stepfamily: living, loving, & learning Elizabeth Einstein 1985
Bright Shadow Avi Wortis 1985 Morwenna (12), an assistant to the King s chambermaid, has become the most powerful wizard in the kingdom with five wishes and three stipulations: that she can t wish for more wishes, can t use on herself, and can t tell anyone she has them. An interesting thought provoking story between complicated and simple and selfishness and giving and balance yet compact. modern fantasy fairy tale responsibility burden
And don't bring Jeremy Marilyn Levinson 1985
realistic fiction mentally handicapped
The Patchwork Quilt Valerie Flournoy 1985 Tanya getting over a cold wants to go outdoors. Mom sends her to see what grandma is doing. Making a patchwork quilt. Tanya learns what is special about grandma's masterpiece. Time passes as Grandma keeps collecting scraps and stories and making the quilt. Family life and Tanya. When Grandma becomes ill Tanya, with Mom's help, finish the quilt. Grandma gets better in time to help with the finishing touches.

History of families, Black experience
picture book realistic fiction history of families African American black experience multicultural relationships mathematics patterns
The Cow Who Fell in the Canal Phyllis Krasilovsky 1985
picture book realistic fiction humorous
Too hot to hoot Marvin Terban 1985
Amy, the Story of a Deaf Child Lou Ann Walker 1985
physically handicapped
Struggle for Intimacy J. Woititz 1985
effects of substance abuse on the family
The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito Sheila Garrigue 1985
The fate of a 200-year-old bonsai tree is decided by a young girl and an old Japanese Canadian gardener who resists being imprisoned in an internment camp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Sequel to All the Children Were Sent Away

historical fiction Japanese-American

Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg 1985

The tale of believing told with stunning realistic illustrations that only Chris Van Allsburg brings to picture books.

Movie backgrround

Art - story mood and tone mysterious eerie word choice
Theme - Believing in Christmas
movie Newsweek 10-25-2004
Tom Hanks - plays 5 roles: young boy, conductor, Santa,
Van Allsburg was opposed to standard animation... Zemeckis created moving paintings
Created scene of train arrival outside boys house to test if it would work
Every second of the movie was filmed on a 10 foot square sound stage at Sony Studios with the 72 Vicon motion-analysis cameras each with infrared light shooting out to reflect from a jewel on the actor for the computer to record its position. The shutter speed was 120 time per second with 194 jewels on each actor, 152 on the face. Computers connected the dots and then the animation took over. The ten foot space was literally all the computer could process at a time. So the picture was made literally q10 feet at a time. By capturing the the performances in 3D Zemeckis could place a virtual camera whereever he desired. They were first used in the Matrix, but only for the action sequences. In P E they were used for the entire film. So that he could get the exact performance he wanted from the actor and then later decide how he wanted to shoot it. ****
Zemeckis created performance capture (194 jewels which guided 72 cameras. With one jewel on each finger they came out fat Lord of the Rings Gollum was created with an early version of performance capture. But this was first entirely film based entirely on the acting of an entirely human cast. [was some in Matrix]
Digital Domain is the effects shop that is building a digital actor.

Techie movies
Star Wars
Terminator 2
Jurassic Park
Forrest Gump
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Lemony Snicket
The Lord of the Rings
King Kong
Spideramn 2
Big Fish
THe Ploar Express
Monster House
The Day After Tomorrow
I Robot
Aeon Flux
Chronicles of Riddick
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Day After Tomorrow

The Incredibles opened five days before The Polar Express

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Zemeckis blended hand drawn animatinwith live actors.

1992 Death Becomes Her beginning bits of CG

Insert Hanks into archival TV footage in Forrest Gump won directing Oscar

picture book modern fantasy Christmas Zemeckis Tom Hanks movie

Switcharound Lois Lowry 1985
Forced to spend a summer with their father and his new family, Caroline (11) and J.P. (13) get upset and act out when they are given responsibilities.
remarriage stepfamilies
I Am Phoenix Paul Fleischman 1985
First snow Emily Arnold McCully 1985
picture book wordless book
I'll Always Love You Hans Wilhelm 1985
Elfie, a dachshund, and a boy are happy together until one morning Elfie does not wake up.
picture book death of a pet


Books published in 1986
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Love You Forever Robert Munsch 1986
picture book realistic fiction humor love family relationship
The Love Letters of J. Timothy Owen T. Greene 1986
realistic fiction love
Time Enough for Drums A. Rinaldi 1986
How Do Ants Know When You're Having a Picnic? Joanne Settel and Nancy Baggett 1986
nonfiction science questions
Pickles Have Pimples Judi Barrett 1986
Creative descriptions of different objects.
repetition of sounds concept book picture book
On My Honor Marion Dane Bauer 1986
Joel's best friend Tony drowns while they are swimming in the forbidden, treacherous Vermilion River. Joel is terrified at having to tell of his disobedience and overwhelmed by his feelings of guilt.
realistic fiction death of a friend Newbery Honor
When Mom and Dad Divorce Steven Nickman 1986

Abiyoyo Pete Segger 1986
Second Brother D. Guy 1986
Grandpa Doesn't Know It's Me Donna Guthrie 1986
nonfiction elderly
Very Last First Time Jan Andrews 1986
Inuit Native American Eskimo
Bobby Rex's greatest hit M. Gringher 1986
Hush Up! Jim Aylesworth 1986
realistic fiction troublemakers classroom management
The Patch Boys J. Panni 1986
Seven Minutes in Heaven J. Bernstein 1986
Whiskers Once and Always Doris Orgel 1986
realistic fiction death of a pet
The Keeper P. R. Naylor 1986
realistic fiction maturation
Opposites Rosalinda Kightley 1986
picture book concept book opposites mathematics
More tales from the igloo Agnes Nanogak 1986
Native Americans
Journey to Jo'burg Beverly Naidoo 1986
realistic fiction
Looking good R. Krummel 1986
anorexia nervosa
50 Below Zero Robert Munsch 1986
picture book realistic fiction winter snow snowsuit humor temperature below zero negative integers
If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon Ellen Levine 1986
nonfiction frontier wagon plains pioneer
Deer at the Brook Jim Arnosky 1986
nonfiction animals science
The Doorbell Rang Pat Hutchins 1986 The Doorbell RangStory about baking a dozen cookies and sharing the 12 cookies, which requires a different solution everytime the doorbell rings and more people arrive. picture book realistic fiction mathematics problem solving.
Old Enough Peter Eyvindson 1986
Native Americans
The Catalogue of the Universe M. Mahy 1986
It s Mine! Leo Lionni 1986

Visiting Miss Pierce P. Derby 1986
Many Waters Madeleine L'Engle 1986 Denny and Sandy in time warp
science fiction
Dinosaurs Divorce Laurene Drasny Brown 1986
Midnight Hours Encores H. Brooks 1986
realistic fiction abandonment
Up from Jericho Tel E. L. Konigsburg 1986
realistic fiction latchkey children
Give and Take N. Klein 1986
unwed mothers
The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams 1986
animal fantasy
Pecos Bill Steven Kellogg 1986
picture book legend tall tale
The Return of the Indian Lynne Reid Banks 1986
fiction Native Americans getting along prejudice violence
Ten Black Dots Donald Crews 1986 Number value to 10 1-1 correspondence, symbols
picture book concept book umber value to 10 1-1 correspondence, symbols mathematics
The Girl R. Branscum 1986
family relationships
The Adrian Mole diaries S. Townsend 1986
The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters Janet & Allan Ahlberg 1986 The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters cover

This creative picture book includes enclosed envelopes with letters inside them addressed to fairy tale characters that are supposedly along the postman s route.

Children enjoy opening the envelops and reading the letters, which are fairly humorous. A ground breaking piece of literature.

fairy tales letters
North American Indians - myths and legends Lewis Spence 1986
Native Americans
My First Book of Sign Pamela J. Baker 1986
nonfiction physically handicapped hearing impaired
Kevin Corbett Eats Flies Patricia Hermes 1986
Kevin and his friend Bailey conspire to prevent Kevin's father from moving with Kevin.
realistic fiction single parent families
Aviva's Piano Miriam Chaikin 1986
Aviva's piano is too large to fit through the door of her home on the kibbutz, until a terrorist's bomb provides an unexpected solution.
picture book Jewish
Sheep in a Jeep Nancy Shaw 1986 Story about sheep and a jeep. Who would have thought that a story could be made with with one syllable words that rhyme with sheep and jeep. Really there are only three words in the book with more than one syllable and they each have two. I wonder. How many one syllable words that rhyme with sheep and jeep were used? picture book animal fantasy repetition of sounds animals sheep jeep
The Moonlight Man Paula Fox 1986
realistic fiction divorce
Good Intentions J. Adams 1986
The Latchkey Kids Susan Terris 1986
Callie (11) tries to cope with her new responsibilities when the family moves to a new San Francisco neighborhood and she becomes in charge of her younger brother.
realistic fiction latchkey children
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks Joanna Cole 1986
nonfiction fantasy science water utilities
Yellow Bird and Me Joyce Hansen 1986
Sequel to The Gift Giver, Doris reluctantly helps Yellow Bird, the class clown, with his reading problem and discovers a a new friend.
realistic fiction African American Black experience multicultural


Books published in 1987
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Happy Birthday, Grampie Susan Pearson 1987
A story about a granddaughter's love for her grandfather.
picture book elderly
Short & Shivery Robert D. San Souci 1987
fiction scary
The Friendship Mildred Taylor 1987
Cassie Logan's and her brother's experiences in a small town in 1933, Mississippi.
historical fiction
A guide dog goes to school Elizabeth S. Smith 1987
nonfiction physically handicapped- blind
Icebergs and Glaciers Seymour Simon 1987
Sister of the Quints Stella Pevsner 1987
Natalie (13) undergoes chaotic changes when her stepmother has quintuplets and their roomy Chicago home becomes a huge nursery. realistic fiction remarriage stepmother
She's Not My Real Mother Judith Vigna 1987
Miles rethinks his opinion of his stepmother when she comes to his rescue.
realistic fiction remarriage stepfamilies
No Place for Me Barthe DeClements 1987
Copper Jones passed between her relatives while her mother is in rehab. When she lands with Aunt Maggie, a witch, she learns seventh graders can have power. realistic fiction foster children
Rosalie Joan Hewett 1987
Rosalie is a 16-year-old dog who is deaf, and doesn't move fast anymore. Cindy knows Rosalie is close to 100 in human years, so she is careful to meet her needs.
picture book realistic fiction dog elderly
Where the Buffaloes Begin Olaf Baker 1987
Native Americans multicultural
A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns Ruth Heller 1987
picture book concept book skills nouns , pattern
Rabble Starkey Lois Lowry 1987
realistic fiction single parent families
Where's Waldo Martin Handford 1987
riddle book puzzle search find
Where's My Monkey Dieter Schubert 1987
picture book wordless book
Thirty Chilling Tales Short & Shivery Robert D. San Souci 1987
collection of short stories modern fantasy scary
Jimmy D., Sidewinder and Me O. R. Salassi 1987
realistic fiction delinquency
How to Fight a Girl Thomas Rockwell 1987
realistic fiction
Granddaddy's Place Helen Griffith 1987
realistic fiction elderly Companion to Georgia Music
Wheel on The Bus Raffi 1987
poetry book song book songs to read
Mad as a wet hen Marvin Terban 1987
skill book idioms
Shake My Sillies Out Raffi 1987
poetry book song book song classroom management silly relaxing
Margaret's Moves Berniece Rabe 1987
realistic fiction physically handicapped
Lizzie's Invitation Holly Keller 1987

The Crossing D. Paulsen 1987
realistic fiction belonging
Hand Talk Birthday Remy Charlip and Mary Beth Miller 1987
realistic fiction physically handicapped
The Unbelievable Bubble Book John Cassidy 1987
nonfiction how to science bubbles activities
How to Draw Animals Anita Ganeri and Judy Tatchell 1987
nonfiction how to book drawing
Lincoln A Photo Biography Russell Freedman 1987 Lincoln A Photo Biography cover

This is by far the best and most accurate story about Lincoln, that doesn't go above 160 pages.


  • It includes actual photographs and drawings.
  • The first Lincoln Photo taken in 1846.
  • Assassinated on the evening of April 14, 1865
nonfiction Lincoln picture book
Raccoons and Ripe Corn Jim Arnosky 1987
picture book corn animals science
School Emily Arnold McCully 1987
picture book wordless book
After the Rain N. F. Mazer 1987
Knots on a Counting Rope Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault 1987 Knots on a Counting Rope cover realistic fiction physically handicapped- blind
Mac J. Maclean 1987
child abuse
Hattie and the Fox Mem Fox 1987 Australian author born Melbourne
Web site reads her books and advocates read aloud every day
She is a politician in So. Australia

Possum Magic (1983)
You ll Drive Me Wild
Koala Lou (1988) - popular in U.S.
Hattie and the Fox
Time for Bed (1993) - most popular in U.S.
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984) - popular in U.S.
The Goblin and the Empty Chair (2009)

You ll Drive Me Wild
Koala Lou
Hattie and the Fox
Time for Bed
picture book patterned language global Australia
Eggs on Your Nose Ann McGovern 1987
concept book patterns language
Joey and the Girls J. D. Lands 1987
Owl Moon Jane Yolen 1987
picture book imagery
Page Four S. S. Klass 1987
Peanut Butter and Jelly Nadine Bernard Westcott 1987
picture book concept book play rhyme pattern book
Hotel Boy Curt and Gita Kaufman 1987 ages 4-8
From School Library Journal
Grade 1-3 Henri lives with his mother and his brother in one room in a hotel in New York City's Upper West Side. Their Brooklyn apartment has been destroyed by fire and they are waiting for new housing. Henri tells about his life, concentrating on those aspects of his life which he has in common with other children his age. He goes to the zoo; he celebrates a sixth birthday; he suffers shyness when meeting new classmates; he attends a good-bye party for a friend. He describes his life as a hotel child in terms that would make it concrete for a child his age: he talks about his boredom in the confines of the room; the loss of his toys in the fire; not being allowed to breakdance in the hotel lobby; his worry about his mother's sadness. At the conclusion of the book, an apartment has been found for his family. Henri's voice is that of any five-year-old: exuberant and matter-of-fact. The photographs give a natural and believable picture of the family and their surroundings without seeming posed or overdramatic. They are clearly reproduced and carefully positioned to reflect both the factual and emotional content of the text. Henri's way of life is portrayed honestly while allowing Henri to emerge as a person, rather than as a Hundredth Neediest Case.Christine Behrmann, New York Public Library
realistic fiction African American Black experience multicultural
Kim/Kimi H. Irwin 1987
The Elizabeth Stories I. Huggan 1987
Gold Cadillac Mildred Taylor 1987
historical fiction African American Black experience multicultural Cadillac family social
The Tiny Seed Eric Carle 1987 The Tiny Seed cover

See an activity for The Tiny Seed

picture book concept book science plants seed
Dots, Spots, Speckles, and Stripes Tana Hoban 1987
picture book concept book properties classification
26 Letters and 99 Cents Tana Hoban 1987 Combinations of coins to .99
picture book concept book mathematics money, combinations of coins to .99
War Comes to Willy Freeman James and Christopher Collier 1987 Father dies in Revolutionary war
Willy searches for her mother
Disguises herself as a boy
Discovered and treated as a slave

Rated poorly at Amazon 2.?
historical fiction multicultural
Moira's Birthday Robert Munsch 1987 Great picture book and unusual story of a rocking good birthday party. picture book realistic fiction mathematics problem solving addition multiplication humor
A Family Like Yours: Breaking the Patterns of Drug Abuse Sorensen & Bernal Guillermo 1987
substance abuse treatment
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth Joanna Cole 1987
nonfiction fantasy earth science geology
A New Mother for Martha Phyllis Green 1987
Martha, first grader, struggles with her father's second marriage and stubbornly insists her dead mother will soon return.
picture book stepmothers
Old Henry Joan Blos 1987
realistic fiction elderly
Fitchett's Folly Colby Rodowsky 1987
Sarey, resents Faith, a new family member, blaming her for her father's death. Which occurred when he saved Faith from a shipwreck off the Atlantic coast.
death of a father realistic fiction
Mothers Can Do Anything Joe Lasker 1987
Explores occupations of mothers: plumber, dentist, subway conductor, and others.
sex roles picture book
Two Under Par Kevin Henkes 1987
Wedge (10) isn't havppy he has a new stepfamily and new house far away from his friends. His bedroom window overlooks a seven-foot castle on the eighteenth hole of his stepfather's miniature golf course.
realistic fiction remarriage stepfamilies
Goodbye, Max Holly Keller 1987
Ben blames his parents for the death of his dog, Max. And doesn't want a new puppy.
picture book death of a pet


Books published in 1988
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
Airmail to the Moon Tom Birdseye 1988
picture book realistic fiction families lost
Why Doesn't the Earth Fall Up? Vicki Cobb 1988
nonfiction science earth gravity forces
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Tomie de Paola 1988
legend Native American
Kites Sail High A Book About Verbs Ruth Heller 1988
concept book skill book language verbs
The Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book Clint Hatchett 1988
nonfiction constellations , earth science astronomy reference book
Find Waldo Now Martin Handford 1988
riddle book puzzle search find
Hatchet Gary Paulsen 1988 Brian Robeson (13) is flying to visit his father for the first time since his parents divorce. The single-engine plane crashes, kills the pilot, and Brian survives. Alone in the Canadian wilderness with only his clothes and the hatchet his mother gave him Consumed by despair and self-pity, Brian slowly learns to make a shelter, hunt, fish, forage for food, and make a fire. He is finally rescued after fifty-four days he is more patience and maturity with a greater understanding of himself and his parents.
realistic fiction survival divorce adventure mystery
Digging to China Rawlins, Donna 1988 Young girl digs to China
realistic fiction young girl digs to China map relative position Earth center mathematics
The Keeping Quilt Patricia Polacco 1988 The Butterfly (
Junkyard Wonders
Chicken Sunday
Mrs. Katz and Tush (1992)
The Keeping Quilt (1988)
Picnic At Mudsock Meadow (1992)
Thunder Cake (1990)
Pink and Say (1994)
Thank you, Mr. Falker (1998)
picture book Russian family
When The Tripods Came John Christopher 1988
science fiction science future machines survival
Iktomi and the Boulder Paul Goble 1988
picture book fable legend Native American
How Many Snails? A Counting Book Paul Giganti Jr. 1988
picture book concept book mathematics numbers counting concept book
Black Star, Bright Dawn Scott O' Dell 1988
realistic fiction
Duck Tales The Secret City Under the Sea Paul Newman 1988
realistic fiction
Matilda Roald Dahl 1988
realistic fiction
How Is A Crayon Made? Oz Charles 1988
nonfiction how to manufacturing crayons
Keepers of the Earth Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac 1988 Keepers of the Earth

A collection of 21 Native American stories and many related activities about living, learning, and caring.

It is an interdisciplinary program of study about Earth and Native American cultures and their ties to the Earth.

The activities help explore the environment and engage each person's emotions, senses, thoughts, and actions to explore and expand their ideas of themself and their relationship to Earth and sustainability. Activities include art, theater, reading, writing, science, social studies, math, and sensory awareness.

Native American wildlife Earth activities ecology environmental issues sustainability culture
One Day in the Woods Jean Craighead George 1988


picture book nonfiction science woods environment
What It Feels Like to be a Building Forrest Wilson 1988 What It Feels Like to be a Building cover picture book concept book nonfiction
A Promise is a Promise Robert Munsch 1988
picture book realistic fiction humor promises family relationship truth
I Like Me! Nancy Carlson 1988

Say goodnight, Gracie J. R. Deaver 1988
Pattern Pluckrose 1988
The King's Chessboard David Birch 1988 Proud King gift of rice double every day for each square on checker board
picture book legend mathematics double pattern
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices Paul Fleischman 1988 Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices cover

Great to introduce poetry ... and get a class or group involved!

poetry coral poetry
What Are You Figuring Now? Jeri Ferris 1988

Dragon Sword and Wind Child Noriko Ogiwara 1988 First American edition 1993
Japaneese author
Saya is chosen by Prince Tsukishiro, son of the God of Light to be his bride. The people of Darkness claim that she is the reincarnation of their princess, the Water Maiden.
She accepts the Prince s proposal and begins to question if the conflict between light and dark is as simple as good vs. evil.
mythology legend ancient Japan dragon sword princess global
Goldilocks and the Three Bears James Marshall 1988
picture book fairy tale
Science Puzzles Jim and Jean Anton 1988
puzzle book science
Memory M. Mahy 1988
The Way Things Work David Macaulay 1988
nonfiction refrence building science
A Sudden Silence Eve Bunting 1988
Science for the Fun of It National Science Teachers Association 1988
nonfiction science activities
Catwings Ursula K. Le Guin 1988 Very creative. Mrs. Jane Tabby's four kittens are born with wings. They can fly from the dangerous city to the country, but life there has its problems.
modern fantasy
The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery Graeme Base 1988

The Eleventh Hour: A Curious MysteryDelicately beautifully illustrated story of Horace the Elephant's eleventh birthday party. While the main mystery is who stole the birthday cake?

There are puzzles on every page and throughout the story. There is a sealed solution section at the back, but knowing that once opened the fun and curiosity ends, who would want to break the seal?

picture book animal fantasy mystery puzzles problem solving
The Devil's Arithmetic Jane Yolen 1988
The Chanukkah Guest Eric A. Kimmel 1988
picture book animal fantasy Jewish Chanukkah
Following the Yellow Brick Road Joy Miller and Marianne Ripper 1988

Analogies from the 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz are used to assist older children of alcoholics who are seeking personal recovery. The information is also helpful for anybody who were raised in family turmoil.

self help effects of substance abuse on the family
Follow The Drinking Gourd Jeanette Winter 1988 Follow The Drinking Gourd picture book historical fiction Black history American history
Free Fall David Wiesner 1988
picture book modern fantasy
Tacky the Penguin Helen Lester 1988 Classic children s picture book of Tacky the penguin that is different than all the other penguins. Who just can t tolerate his differences. Until one day a series of events unfold that could be the end of their existence. However, Tacky s bizare behjaviors saves the day. picture book animal fantasy classroom management being different relationships
Just My Friend and Me Mercer Mayer 1988

My name is nobody M. C. Wartski 1988
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World Mildred Pitts Walter 1988 Justin struggles with his role as a male in a family dominated by females. While he arrives at grandfather's ranch he expects to ride horses and heard cattle, but soon discovers there are chores that need to be done, that there is no such thing as women s work, and biscuits to be baked. Not just biscuits, but the best biscuits in the world. A Coretta Scott King Award winner with references to black cowboys, night riders, and the role they had in the west and the creation of rodeos. Plot is slow, a black homesteader s hand is cut off, and the use of n*****. |
realistic fiction African American Black experience multicultural family growing up sisters single parent
Yonder Tony Johnston 1988
verse fiction
Scorpions Walter Dean Myers 1988 A story about a poor family who can just barely eke it out on the edge. Jamal (12) is from Harlem. When his brother Randy goes to jail, Jamal is asked to take his brother s place as the leader of the gang Scorpions. Not a good idea. However, Mack puts pressure on Tito to do so and provides him with a gun to seal the deal. Jamal and Tito can t see any other way to get the money needed to appeal Randy s 10-15 year conviction with the earliest possibility of parole - seven years. Character development is well written and the conflict between characters and their decisions is credible and realistic for too many unfortunate young boys. realistic fiction
Look! Look! Look! Tana Hoban 1988

Spectacles Ellen Raskin 1988
Iris Fogel says that she sees a fire-breathing dragon and a giant pygmy nuthatch. Her readers will see, by flipping the pages, that it's just Great-aunt Fanny and her friend Chester. Iris finally gets glasses and sees things in a different--and clearer--way!
picture book nearsighted wearing glasses


Books published in 1989
Title Author Publication date Summaries & Notes Genre & themes
More to Life Than Mr. Right Rosemary Stones (compiler) 1989 Collection of short stories to empower the adolescent female reader. Fantastic stories that every adolescent girl should read. Powerful. anthology realistic fiction female relationships adolescent coming of age growing up
Dear Mom You're Ruining My Life Van Leeuwen, Jean 1989
realistic fiction parenting family interactions classroom management
Many Luscious Lollipops A Book About Adjectives Ruth Heller 1989
picture book skilll book concept book djectives, pattern book
The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs Jon Scieszka 1989 The delightful picture story that started an avalanche of retellings of fairy tales. Just think of those pigs lying there as a juicy hamburger, what would you do? picture book folk tale retelling wolf three little pigs started retellings
The Great Waldo Search Martin Handford 1989
riddle book puzzle search find
If You Made a Million Schwartz, David M. 1989 Number value, money, 1,000,000
picture book concept book umber value, money 1,000,000 mathematics million
Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School Sachar, Louis 1989 Puzzles and quizzes
puzzle book riddle book mathematics
We Remember The Holocaust David A. Adler 1989 First person stories from survivors that describe Jewish life in Europe before the 1930's and Hitler's violent rise to power. Humiliations of Nazi rule, the struggle of families, the fight for survival in the ghettos, and the horror of the concentration camps. The stories along with illustrations of original photographs make this a powerful contribution to a history that must never be forgotten.
historical fiction war holocaust Jewish multicultural
The Boy Who Lost His Face Louis Sachar 1989 David s best friend Scott rejects him to join in the popular group. What s worse he joins in the harassment of Mrs. Bayfield. He feels he she has cursed him and bad things begin to happen as he also begins insulting everyone. He hits bottom when Tori, a girl he likes sees his pants fall down. Some new friends help him to eventually stand up to Scott. Ample name calling, street language, and some obscenities. The story is also weakened by a final chapter set a hundred fifty years in the future where students are still picking on each other and one student wishes he were more like David Ballinger who is memorialized with a plaque and by making his birthday a school holiday.
Ancient Egypt Elain Raphael, and Don Bolognese 1989
nonfiction Egypt
Just A Nap Mercer Mayer 1989
picture book
Pass the Quill, I'll Write a Draft A Story of Thomas Jefferson Robert Quackenbush 1989 Pass the Quill, I'll Write a Draft A Story of Thomas Jefferson cover

A picture book with the story of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the men that wrote it.

nonfiction Jefferson writing declaration of independence writing revolution United States history
Is There Life On Other Planets? Isaac Asimov 1989
nonfiction astronomy life science aliens
The Principal's New Clothes Stephanie Calmenson 1989 Measurements
picture book mathematics measurement
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Eileen Christelow 1989
poetry verse pattern counting mathematics number value
The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book Jerry Pallotta 1989
picture book concept book alphabet book reptiles
Box Turtle at Long Pond William T. George 1989
nonfiction science pond environment
The Call of the Wolves Jim Murphy 1989
realistic fiction
Pigs Robert Munsch 1989 Pigs cover picture book animal fantasy humor school pigs
The Butterfly Jar Jeff Moss 1989
Mysteries & Marvels of Ocean Life Rick Morris 1989
nonfiction science ocean environment
My Five Senses Aliki 1989
science, senses, properties, observation
The Black Snowman Phil Mendez 1989 Jacob and his brother make a snowman, find a Kente cloth, put it on, and the magic begins.

First book Phil wrote

I have a reader s theater
picture book realistic fiction Kente African American Black experience multicultural
Which Witch is Which? Pat Hutchins 1989 Can you tell which twin is which?
modern fantasy mathematics patterns twin
Koala Lou Mem Fox 1989
picture book koala bear global Australia
My Name Is Not Angelica Scott O' Dell 1989
realistic fiction
Anno's Math Games II Mitsumasa Anno 1989 Function, measurement, patterns
picture book mathematics
I Am Phoenix Poems for Two Voices Paul Fleischman 1989
coral poetry birds
Cock Doodle Dudly Bill Peet 1989
Gunther, a jealous and bad-tempered goose, sets out to prove that popular rooster Dudley is a phony in claiming that he causes the sun to rise every morning.
picture book
Spring is Here Taro Gomi 1989

Eating the Alphabet Lois Ehlert 1989
picture book concept book alphabet book
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault 1989 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom cover

Alphabet book in rhyme and rhythm that children enjoy over and over again.

concept book alphabet book picture book
The Braggin' Dragon Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault 1989

Rescue of the Stranded Whales Kenneth Mallory 1989
nonfiction environmental whales stranded ocean
Ten For Dinner Jo Ellen Bogart 1989
Number The Stars Lois Lowry 1989

Story of how Annemarie Johannese (10) and her family harbors her best friend Ellen Rosen in Denmark as the Danish resistance and population smuggle Jews from Nazi occupation to Sweden. Action packed adventure that captures the intensity and seriousness of what the characters were attempting and the Danes actions during World War II.

historical fiction World War II Jewish holocaust problem solving multicultural
Animal Rights David L. Bender & Bruno Leone 1989
nonfiction science animal rights, opposing views
Wayside School s Falling Down Louis Sachar 1989

Chemistry for Every Kid Janice VanCleave 1989
nonfiction science, chemistry activities
The Art Lesson Tomie de Paola 1989

Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China Ed Young 1989 Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China cover

A delightful water color picture book that depicts and tells the story of a big bad wolf disguised as the three sisters grandmother.

A three panel Chinese layout along with light and dark colors is used to depict realistic and imaginary frames of this fairy tale displayed across a two page layout.

The fate of this wolf is sealed when the three girls coax him into a basket to raise him into the tree in which they are hiding with the promise of ginkgo nuts to eat. Not likely as the sisters let the poor wolf in grandma clothing fall to her death.

picture book fairy tale responsibility fear wolf art
The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body Joanna Cole 1989
nonfiction science anatomy
Carl Goes Shopping Alexandra Day 1989

picture book mostly wordless boook

The Creepy, Crawly Book with Reusable Stickers Bobbi Katz 1989
nonfiction science insects animals
Mouse Paint Ellen Stoll Walsh 1989 Mouse Paint cover

A whimsical picture book of three creative mice that get into three open containers of paint, and pitter-patter through the story.

Created as a paper collage and red, blue, and yellow that is supposedly made from the mice's haphazard and creative interactions with the paint.

A delightful story with interesting results that children can explore on their own if the are fortunate enough to have an adult provide them with their own personal paint mixing experiences.

picture book modern fantasy colors mouse creativity
Search for Sam and 100's of other things Anthony Tallarico 1989
Hurray for Ali Baba Bernstein Johanna Hurwitz 1989

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon Mike Thaler 1989

Desert Giant Barbara Bash 1989
picture book nonfiction science nature desert



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