Integumentary system review key:

What is the integumentary (skin) system?

It includes skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands. It is only a few millimeters thick, but the largest external organ of the body.

Name five functions of skin.

  • Body covering,
  • Protects (cushion, ultra violet, blocks entry of foreign bodies),
  • Regulate temperature (sweat, hair),
  • Sensation,
  • Makes Vitamin D,
  • Reacts emotionally

Parts and functions

Match the words in the word bank to the function and label the diagram.

  1. ___ melanin _______ gives skin color.
  2. ___ epidermis ______ the thin visible top layer of skin
  3. ___ dermis ________ the middle layer of skin.
  4. ___ subcutis _______ the deepest layer of skin.
  5. __ follicle shape_____ determines the amount of curl in hair.
  6. ___ melanin _______ gives hair its color.
  7. ___ melanin _______ makes freckles.
  8. ___ sweat pore _____ an opening in the skin for sweat.
  9. __ melanin _______ protects skin from UV radiation from the Sun.
  10. __ hairs _________ protects skin, eyes, and nose from dust and other particles.
  11. ____ nails ________ are made of dead cells and keratin.
  12. _ sebaceous glands ___ provides oil to skin.
  13. _ pacinian corpuscle __ senses changes in the environment: pressure, vibration, temperture, pain.
  14. _ balanced diet _____ uses this everyday to grow new cells.
  15. __ blood vessels ____ supply oxygen, nutrients, and remove waste.

Label parts on the diagram

Skin diagram

Word bank

skin, hair, nails, epidermis, blood vessels, lymph vessels, dermis, subdermis, sweat glands, sweat pore, sebaceous glands, exocrine glands, blood vessels, nerves, finger nails, toe nails, pacinian corpuscle, pigment layer, melanin, shape of follicle, balanced diet,


Four ways to care for skin, hair, and nails.

1. wash with soap and water

2. avoid touching near eyes, nose, mouth, wounds to reduce infection

3. avoid UV radiation from sun and tanning beds

4. Take care of infections, acne, wounds, ...

Care for hair and nails by triming, cleaning, and proper wound care

Eat balanced diet, car for piercings, tattoos


Describe two health related skin care issues

  1. skin infections: warts, fungus, ringworm, athletes's foot, UV exposure, eczeman, dermatitis, head lice
  2. Care for hair and nails by triming, cleaning, and proper wound care


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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