Healthy Traits


Fill in the bubbles with ideas you believe are essential for good health:


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Organizing Information for Healthy Living

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Define health and wellness


Affects on health, risks and promoting health and wellness

For each of the six different kinds of affects on health list risks in the risk circles and list ways to promote health and wellness in the outer circles.

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Word bank

People, Media, Culture, Technology, Environment, & Heredity


Accurate and quality information is needed to make good decisions.

To be healthy that includes: understanding what is human, the body, it's anatomy, functions of life, growth, and development well enough to care for your self and others to attain and maintain healthy bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and social. To do so one must be able to describe, analyze, predict, and compare how different variables, learning, nutrition diet, exercise, sleep, choice of behaviors, genetics, injuries, health status, illness, safety, natural disasters, risks, will impact people in different situations or conditions.