Healthy Traits Review

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1-12. Select any of the six different ideas you listed as essential for good health and put them into the appropriate bubble according to the category of good health. Hint: Lab notes 1
Answers can vary

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13-18. Number the following in the order they are usually done when making decisions:
Hint: Decision making process data sheet
__6__ Evaluate and decide on an option and process for implementation
__2__ Focus on the situation and gather reliable information
__4__ Analyze consequences and values for all solutions
__3__ Identify choices, solutions, and implementations
__1__ Identify and describe the problem or opportunity
__5__ Decide and implement


19-24. Identify four general effects on health and give a specific example for each category.

Hint: Effects on health data sheet

1. People - self and others through their attitude, behavior, and social interactions

2. Genetics - everything you are biologically as a result of the genes passed to you from your parents and how they interacted with the environment.

3. Environment - everything that surrounds all living organism. Everything indoors and outdoors all matter, forces, objects, culture, conditions, social, and other organism.

4. Media & technology - what is communicated to us visually and auditorially in print, images, objects, video, music, speaking with others ...


25.-29. Define health and give examples of what people need to know to achieve it. Hint: Word bank and Lab notes 2 (Five points total. One point for each accurate idea with at least one idea in each of three areas.)

Answers can vary

Health is the state of

a state of complete physical, social, and emotional / mental / spiritual well-being.


To maintain health it is helpful for a person to understand

Accurate and quality information ... what is human, the body, it's anatomy, functions of life, growth, and development well enough to care for your self and others to attain and maintain healthy bodies: physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.


To do so one must be able to

Make good decisions: to describe, analyze, predict, and compare how different variables affect: learning, nutrition diet, exercise, sleep, choice of behaviors, genetics, injuries, health status, illness, safety, natural disasters, risks, will impact people in different situations or conditions.


30-41. The following information is about the sale of Alaska to the United States.
Hint: Decision making process data sheet
Use the information and pretend you are the Tsar of Russia or Secretary of State of the United States of America and outline what might have been their decision making process.

Background information

Representatives of the Russian emperor, Alexander II, approached representatives from Great Britain for the purpose of selling the Russian American territory (Alaska) to them. They refused so they next approached the United States, with the same offer during President Buchanan and Secretary of State John Appleton. An offer of $5 million may have been made, but negotiations were halted.

Seward offers to buy and the Russian government agrees to sell the land for $7.2 million.
Years later, many parks and natural preserves were created and many natural resources were found there.

Answers can vary

Decision making process of __Secretary of State Seward or Tsar of Russia__
1. Identify and describe the problem or opportunity

Secretary of State - Expansion of American citizens into lands claimed by other nations is problematic and can lead to confrontations that result in lose of life and money that are best avoided through treaties or better yet, if the land could be acquired legally.
Tsar or Russia - Need money to pay debts. And has a large amount of land far away that provides little resources and creates problems for governing at such a great distance.

2. Focus on the situation and gather reliable information

Secretary of State -

Tsar or Russia -

3. Identify choices, solutions, and implementations

Secretary of State - Don’t buy the land. Buy the land. Lease the land. ...


Tsar or Russia - Raise money by selling the land or raise money some other way, or stiff the Rothschilds.


4. Analyze consequences and values for all solutions

Secretary of State -
Don’t buy the land analysis and consequences -

Buy the land analysis and consequences -

Tsar or Russia -
Sell the land analysis and consequences -

Don’t sell the land analysis and consequences -

Consider values

Secretary of State - Values:

Tsar or Russia - Values:

5. Decide on an option and process for implementation
Secretary of State - Decide to buy land. Know that a previous offer of $5 million was rejected so offered $7.2 million.
Tsar or Russia - Decide to sell the land. Try to sell to Great Britain, so they could add to Canada, but didn’t want so try to sell to Americans who offer of $5 million too low so accept $7.2 million.


6. Evaluate implementation
Secretary of State - Upset people didn't think the purchase was a good deal. Reasoned that over time people would think the purchase was a good deal as the land becomes more valuable in the future.
Tsar or Russia - Was able to get $7.2 million dollars and may have thought it was okay to not have the land any more or may have regretted losing the land, but resolved it was what needed to be done to get a lot of money in a short time.


41.-50.Identify two different effects on health and then related behavior choices, possible influences, and the risks and benefits for each. (10 points) Hint: Effects on health data sheet, Lab notes activity 3, & Circles of influence.

41- 46. First effect on health Answers can vary

Effect on health

People self, others, ...

Behavior choices

Care for teeth. Brush, eat right, go to the dentist for a dental check-up;

Possible influences

Self - lazy, fear tooth ache, fear of pain and discomfort, don't like to be told should brush more; Social trusted - parents tell you to go, Dentist - nice, caring ... Objects - see toothbrush, tooth paste, commercial, dentist office, drill;


tooth disease, decay, lose of teeth, gum disease.


white teeth, pain free, no cavities, keep teeth, eat well, ...


46.-50. Second effect on health Answers can vary

Effect on health

Environment: air water, shelter, soil, food,

Behavior choices

Choose what to eat: nutritious healthy food or junk food

Possible influences

Self - hunger, feel good, personal taste, enjoy sweet & sugar rush, fat, salt, ; Social - trusted people Objects - commercials, packages,


weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, ...


good health, maintain a balanced diet, maintain healthy weight


51-53. Describe three things you will do to be healthy.
Answers vary:
1. Exercise at least five times a week for at least 20 minutes each time.
2. Take supplements. Vitamins, protein, amino acids...
3. Drink 8 glasses of water.


54-55. Describe two things you will try to avoid, or not do, to be healthy.
Answers can vary
1. Sleeping with or near electronic devices. When I go to bed I will turn off all electronic devices and make sure they are more than three feet from where I sleep.
2. Eating a lot of foods high in cholesterol: bacon and egg yolks, french fries, red meats, cheese, ice cream, ...