Body System Activity Rubric with outcomes & scoring guide

Advocacy related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Presented and advocated positive health choices
  • Presented and promoted information that was health-enhancing
  • Interacted with awareness of the audience
  • Encouraged others to make healthy choices
  • Has passion or conviction for the information presented

Goal Setting related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Focused on the presentation as the goal
  • Created a work path that was realistic and attainable
  • Selected an effective strategy and plan to implement and achieve the goal
  • Monitored, evaluated, and reflected on the plan and its implementation and made adjustments as necessary

Communication related outcomes ( 50 points)

Presentation completed _______ Data sheet completed _______ Review completed _______

  • Clear - presentation of ideas was easy to understand
  • Precise - information was appropriate for the presentation
  • Reliable - consistently good quality and able to be trusted
  • Logical - ideas fit together without discrepancies and support the conclusions
  • Relevant - idea or ideas that fit the purpose
  • Consistent - idea or ideas are supported by observation, current research, or wisdom of practice. Novel ideas are developed with plausible explanations.
  • Comprehensive - contains necessary and sufficient information and supporting information to communicate the idea or group of ideas and all their complexity and connectedness through multiple perspectives.
  • Unbiased - fair nonprejudicial presentation of information Has a clear and organized message

Group interactions

  • Interactions among groups members assisted in achieving their goals for presentation.
  • Used appropriate listening skills
  • Distinguished between supported factual information and beliefs or emotional feelings by stating "I think" or "I feel" or using I statements or I messages
  • Used a respectful tone
  • Used appropriate body language
  • Supported their messages with research, logical reasoning, and meaningful explanations

Decision Making related outcomes (10 points)

Decisions for planning and presenting their presentation

  • Focused on the presentation.
  • Clearly understood the situation.
  • Gathered relevant reliable information. Recognized the influence of values on possible decisions.
  • Analyzed gathered information.
  • Identified alternative ideas or actions based on the collected information.
  • Generated possible options.
  • Generated consequences for different options.
  • Evaluated and decided on a successful process.
  • Implemented their decisions.
  • Evaluated their implementation.
  • Avoided confusion or intimidation and assists others to understand and move the decision making process toward a healthy conclusion that benefited the welfare of others and the Earth.

Analyzing Influences related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Identified and analyzed external and internal conditions and how they vary.
  • Identified biases and influences that affected decision making.
  • Interpreted how conditions and influences impact relationships and used this information to better make decisions, set and achieve goals, communicate, and advocate.

Accessing Information related outcomes ( 5 points)

Took steps to get valid health information and appropriate health services.

  • Cites sources.
  • Evaluated the validity of sources.
  • Mentioned appropriate resources for the healthy system.
  • Included specific types of help available for different needs.

Refusal Skills related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Included of the word "no" in a refusal response.
  • Provides an explanation of why in the refusal response.
  • Offered appropriate alternatives in place of the proposed activity that is being rejected.
  • Used body language that supported the communication of refusal.
  • Includes a description of "moving on" from the situation.

Self-Management Skills related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Included healthy behaviors and habits for a person to achieve healthy behaviors.
  • Identified protective behaviors (diet, exercise, first aid, seat belt usage, cell phone use, texting and driving, alcohol, risk management) to achieve a healthy system.
  • Describe procedures for protective behaviors for their system (eat healthy, exercise, safe environments, ...)

Conflict Resolution related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Described a problem when they occurred
  • Considered how each person felt. Used "I think" or "I feel" or I statements or I messages
  • Explained reasons for each different positions
  • Considered other perspective
  • Invented options for the group's benefit
  • Agreed on a solution that benefited the group

Stress Management related outcomes ( 5 points)

  • Identified situations that caused stress
  • Demonstrated techniques to manage and reduce stress (talking about it, relaxation strategies, ...)

The rubric is was created based on the Healthy Practices Skills and Outcomes for a middle level health course, which were heavily influenced by the national health standards.

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes &