I-statements can be used to express your feelings about a student's actions. It is very important students know you are criticizing their actions and not them personally. It allows you to communicate your feelings about behaviors that are a problem for you because of how it affects you.

I-statements have three parts:

  1. A description of the condition that the educator dislikes.
  2. An expression of the feeling the educator has.
  3. A statement of the reason for the feeling.


It is appropriate to remind the student it is their actions you dislike not them.

I really like you. When we sit down and talk about ... I really enjoy being with you. Sometimes your behavior, (pause) well, I just don't like it because it stops us from learning and enjoying school.


Mediation and I-statements video example

Purpose to illustrate a use of mediation with a talking stick and an I-statement in popular media.




Madame Secretary - episonde 2, season 2015, on CBS

Extracted from the full video at this location at about 36 minutes viewing time.


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