Information Sheet




Date of birth:

Father’s name:

Mother’s name:

With whom do you live?

Male care taker’s occupation:

Female care taker’s occupation:

Where did you go to school last year?

What did you study in science last year?

What was one of your favorite subjects in first or second grade?

What are your favorite subjects now?

Name three people in this class you know?

Have you ever been to these places?

Are you a care taker for any animals at home?

If so what kinds?

Have you ever set up an aquarium or terrarium?

Do you have a camera you know how to use?

Do you like to cook? What?

Do you like to sew? What?

Do you like to built things? What?

What magazines do you or your parents read at home?

Do you like to fish?

Have you ever gone hunting? For what?

Have you ever gone camping overnight? Would you like to?

Do you know how to help take care of plants at home?

Did you go on a vacation this summer? Where?

Where else have you ever gone on a vacation?

What are your favorite foods?

What foods do you dislike most?

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite country? (besides USA)

What is your favorite state? (besides NE)

What are your 3 most favorite TV. shows:

In what sports do you like to participate?

What sports do you like to watch?

Do you play a musical instrument? What instrument?

Name two persons you would call a "hero"?