MultiDisciplinary Team

SAT (Student assistance team) strategies have been ineffective.

Discuss with your principal intentions to refer a student to the MDT team for evaluation.

Inform parents that you would like to recommend their child for testing.

Explain the types of testing.

Reduce fears that some associate with psychological testing.

Fill out referral form and procure the necessary signatures.

If there is agreement for testing, then test. If not file the referral in the student’s permanent file.

Evaluation by MDT and verification of child’s handicaps or verification of no handicap. If no handicap, then refer to the SAT team.

Confer after the evaluation and make a decision on program placement.

If parents agree with placement set up a meeting for an IEP (Individual Educational Program) within thirty days. If not file the report and parent denial of program placement in the student’s permanent file.

MDT team writes the IEP.

Conduct the program.

Program reviewal and IEP meeting every six months for students below age 5, and one year for ages 5-21.