End of Year Family Letter

Dear Parents,

Now is the time to help your child remember all the wonderful things that happened this school year. Take some time and discuss with your child what was learned and accomplished this year. This discussion can help your child develop a sense of historical time and help the family share memories of significant events. Your discussion might include memories different family members have about their school experiences in the same grade. Sharing these special events will help you and your child to the family treasure of memories.

The following are some guiding ideas which you may or may not want to use.

Ask your child to tell you about the school year. Young children will want to talk about the present and you may need to encourage them to think back. You might want to help them recall past events by mentioning key times of the year like seasons, holidays, or significant events.

Ask the child about what they have learned and have them reflect on how their improvement makes them feel.

Invite your child to ask you questions about what you remember during your childhood at their age. With younger children you might need to prompt them with questions like: What would you like to know about? My teacher? The best thing that happened to me? The worst thing? What I remember learning or doing well?