Self-limiting behaviors matched to social skills

What social skills would be helpful for students to know in the following situations?

  1. A student knows some students have cheat sheets and are going to use them on the test.
  2. A student sees the teacher doing a task and wants to get involved.
  3. A student accidentally bumps into another student.
  4. A student is told to take another student's comb and play keep away.
  5. A student looks at a female high school student helper and says, "You look sexy in those clothes."
  6. The teacher remarks that he likes a student’s new hair cut and the student mumbles, "Yeah? Well I hate it!
  7. Student argues, "I didn’t do it; you didn’t see me," when another student accuses the student of doing something.
  8. A student remains standing after being told to sit down.
  9. A student looks down after another student says, "Hi!"
  10. A student calls out the answer as he raises his hand.
  11. A student flops down into a chair after being told they can not do what they asked.
  12. Student approaches the teacher and says, "give me a pencil mine broke."
  13. A student argues and complains after being told recess is indoors.
  14. The teacher asks questions about the student’s vacation and the student mumbles "Yes," and "All right," after each questions.
  15. A student hits another student for butting in front of her in the line.

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