A Team Building Activity
Puzzle Challenge: Five Squares each with three pieces
Learning, August/September 9, 1974. Break the Ice with 5 Squares by David Weitzman
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Group Task -

The group is to complete five solid white squares in such a way that each player has a square the same size as all the other members in your group. In other words, every group member has to end up with the same size square.

  1. The game must be played in complete silence.
  2. You may not point or signal other players with your hands or in any other way.
  3. You may not take a puzzle piece from another player.
  4. You may not place a puzzle piece next to another player's puzzle piece(s) to that they are using to try and construct a square.
  5. You may not fold a puzzle piece or overlap pieces to complete a square.
  6. When you have finished, cover your square with your envelope.
  7. This is a group activity, when all of you have an envelope, you may open them and begin.



puzzle 1


puzzle 2



puzzle 3



puzzle 4



puzzle 5

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes