Violence Programs Summary

Violence Programs have two major elements:

  1. Reactive violence prevention and
  2. Proactive violence prevention

Violence Prevention Programs Only

Eliminate weapons

Encourage students to abstain from violence

Suppress violent behavior

Identify causes of violence

Train faculty and staff to intervene

Adopt a threat-management policy

Target students who commit violent acts

Provide debriefing sessions for students traumatized by violent incidents

Discredit violence

Increase self-esteem

Have a weapons hotline

Teach students how to manage anger

Comprehensive Violence Prevention Program

Meet nurturing needs

Create a cooperative environment

Encourage positive and lasting relationships

Limit out-of school time

Provide long-term conflict resolution/peer mediation training to all students

Form partnerships with parents and community

Include components from violence prevention only programs

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Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution ASCD


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes