Mediated Conflict Resolution

Mediator's steps:

  1. End hostilities and cool off.
  2. Ensure all people are committed to the mediation process.
  3. Help each negotiate successful with each other (six steps for resolving conflict).
  4. Formalize an agreement.
  5. End Hostility and Cool off suggestions

Stop fights

Adults should always break up fights. Two adults should work together. Order students to stop and restrain them. Never restrain one student without restraining the other. Use restraint only in an emergency. Such action could cause the parties to turn on the teacher.

Cool off hostile individuals

Reflect on a conflict, define it, and think of alternative ways to resolve it.

Move to a Mediation Area

Mediation Process Suggestions

Rules for Mediating

Summarize what happened and what they want.

Try to have them select one option and reach an agreement.

The following ideas might help to recognize a need for agreement:

Other Hints

Try for a particular agreement.

If disputants are not able to agree on what happened have them agree that they are in crisis.

Adapted from
David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson (1995 )
Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution ASCD


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes